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SHAMEFUL: Republic Crew Attacked On AMU Campus, Cops Fail To Offer Protection, Attackers Persist Despite Being Caught On Camera

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

In an absolutely shocking, vile and shameful incident, Republic TV's crew was heckled and attacked inside the AMU campus on Tuesday, right in front of the Dean's office.

The attack took place while Republic TV's Nalini Sharma and Sumaira Khan had been reporting from on campus at UP's Aligarh, where AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi is scheduled to visit on Tuesday, and has been caught on camera.

The video of the attack clearly shows security staff of the university attempting to wrest equipment from Republic TV's crew, refusing to explain their actions, and manhandling women reporters. A large crowd had gathered around Republic TV's crew, with the police arriving a short while later. However, despite the Police being present, the staff and students followed Republic TV's crew, snatched and destroyed equipment, and burnt the camera. Other reporters trying to get the incident on video were also attacked.

It began with authorities interrupting a live broadcast, demanding to know what story was being reported, and then heckling and attempting to snatch equipment. The students joined in with staff-members at this point, as a crowd of over a hundred gathered. Only then did police turn up, but rather than cracking down on the attackers, they asked the Republic crew to move out of the campus. As the crew tried to leave the campus, the attacking crowd formed a chain and insisted that all equipment be handed over. 

During the attack, the misbehaving staff-member can be seen on camera continuously justifying his attack by asking whether permission had been taken, as if it was grounds for attacking journalists and destroying equipment. A police personnel who was present there shockingly took no action, instead trying to downplay a scenario where Republic's crew had been outnumbered, intimidated and attacked.

Speaking to Republic TV minutes after the attack, the SSP of Aligarh, Akash Kulhari said: "We do not deny that the incident has taken place. We will do everything possible under the law. The faces of the miscreants have been caught on camera. I have told that an FIR should be filed."

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