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SHOCKING: VVIP Brat Barges Into Women's Restroom, Brandishes Gun In Heated Delhi Hotel Altercation

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • A shocking video has surfaced from New Delhi
  • A VVIP brat brandished a gun and threatened a couple at the hotel
  • The accused, related to a former BSP MP, is absconding

An absolutely shocking video has been accessed from the national capital, where a VVIP brat, related to a former Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MP, brandished a gun following an altercation at a posh New Delhi hotel.

The incident took place on Saturday night as the accused, identified as Ashish Pandey, shockingly barged into a ladies washroom of the 5-star hotel. He allegedly got into an argument with a woman in the washroom, who was soon joined by a male friend. It is at this point that Pandey allegedly fished out the pistol, brandished it, and threatened them both.

In the video, the man can be seen clearly holding the large pistol and seemingly being shepherded out of the hotel. However, he appears insistent on not leaving the spot despite people trying to force an element of calm. The couple that he is threatening is clutching each other closely, while the accused is hurling profanities and threats at them. He has at least three friends with him, one of whom is in a gold dress and gets into the car where another friend is, shockingly, recording the entire incident. Once the accused and friends are in the car, which appears clearly high-end, they laugh about the matter, abusing the couple even more.  

A case has been lodged against the accused under the Arms act. Pandey is said to be a resident of Lucknow West and has absconded after the matter, with his mobile phone switched off. Two police teams have been sent to Lucknow. The first team, which is tracing Ashish Pandey, has shared information with the Lucknow and Noida police. The second team is believed to have been sent to track Pandey's friends and to record their statements. 

Congress president Rahul Gandhi's brother-in-law Robert Vadra has taken umbrage at the incident, politicising it and targeting what can only be the Delhi Chief Minister, though the Delhi police doesn't come under Kejriwal's office.

In his tweet, Vadra has posted images of the incident. 

The hotel will issue a statement on the matter shortly, Republic TV has learnt. Hotel staff have been summoned by the Delhi Police, which, as per sources, took action itself after the video went viral and despite the hotel not lodging a complaint on its own. 

Update: Republic TV has accessed the FIR that has been registered