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Supercar Youth Caught And Punished For Mask-less Drive Despite Covid In Indore; WATCH

A young man in a yellow Porsche supercar was among those caught and punished in Indore for violating extant anti-Covid guidelines on Sunday morning

A young man in a yellow Porsche supercar was among those caught by local guards in Indore for violating extant anti-Covid guidelines on Sunday morning, as he went for a drive, allegedly to buy food, but wasn't wearing a face-mask.

The man driving a convertible car was flagged by traffic police at a check-post, immediately asked to pull his car aside, and punished by being made to do sit-ups.

Upon parking the car, he first shot out seemingly intent on furnishing his Covid pass, but was refused by the traffic cops immediately as the papers wouldn't serve to exonerate him for this particular violation.

The man was firmly, and at times loudly, forced to do sit-ups as punishment, with the officer on hand clearly in no mood to tolerate his explanations. At one point, when asked whether he has a mask, he moved to pull one out of his pocket, at which point he's asked 'what's it doing there, when do you intend to wear it, on your wedding day?'

The officers seemed unwilling to make exceptions for his embarrassment, though the appear to not have made him do the 100 sit-ups as initially sought.

Later, he put forth his purported side of the story, narrating, "I was going home after doing my food-related work. I was stopped at (address). I obeyed the law and parked my car. They didn't listen to me at all, misbehaved, spoke badly, and the entire team made a big joke out of it."

The man added, "I had a curfew pass, and all relevant paperwork but they didn't listen to me at all, but I had no problem with it because I am a law-abiding citizen and will remain so, but I am saddened as this is a bad thing for Indore and shouldn't happen to anyone again." 

Over a thousand Covid cases have been reported thus far in Indore - the most in the state of Madhya Pradesh - with over 55 people having succumbed. Stringent measures have been implemented as a result, including the compulsory use of face-masks at public places.

India at this point has reported a total of 26,496 Covid cases, with 5804 recoveries and 824 deaths. Madhya Pradesh has reported 2096 cases and 99 deaths, as of Sunday morning.

Watch the incident and the explanation in the video above.

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