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UP Conversion Racket: Insider Confirms Umar Gautam's Link To Zakir Naik And Bilal Philip

Republic on Tuesday conducted a sting op on an aide of Umar Gautam and an integral part of IDC, Sufiyaan, confirming the link with Bilal Philip & Zakir Naik


The Uttar Pradesh forced conversion racket took an even murkier turn when a link between accused Umar Gautam, alleged international mastermind behind the conversion racket Bilal Philip, and fugitive preacher Zakir Naik was speculated. Following this, Republic Media Network on Tuesday conducted a sting operation with Sufiyaan, the aide of Umar Gautam and an integral part of the Islamic Da’wah Centre (IDC). During the sting operation, he divulged details that confirm that Umar Gautam was linked with Bilal Philip, and also with Zakir Naik. This has Confirmation was also attained in the earlier alleged link to ISIS. 

Republic's sting operation 

Sufiyaan says to a spy camera, "Dr Philip runs Islamic Online University and its examination centre is situated in the IDC building in Delhi. The main centre is in Hyderabad. Students do the course from their homes but come to take the exam in the building of IDC. We have their IDs and passwords." He further added, "IDC and IOU have tie-ups. Umar Saheb is connected to Bilala Saheb, and he, in turn, is connected to Zakir Saheb."

This makes the link between Umar Gautam, 'Bilala Saheb' and 'Zakir Saheb' very clear. 

Further, he said, "Both (Bilal and Umar) have met. A Sarv Dharm Seamelan took place in Kazakhstan, and Umar Saheb was sent as the representative of India. Bilal Saheb was also there." 

It is pertinent to mention here that it's the detail of the Kazakhstan meeting that makes evident the link between Umar and ISIS. 

The police also established that Gautam has a very close association with Bilal Philip. It may be noted that Philip's entry has been restricted in many countries, including India. He is said to have motivated almost half a dozen Indians to join the Pakistani ISIS.

Forced conversion racket busted in Uttar Pradesh 

The alleged conversion racket was busted by the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) following the registration of an FIR in the case at Lucknow’s ATS police station. As per reports, two men of Delhi’s Jamia Nagar were allegedly running an outfit involved in converting deaf and dumb students and other poor people to Islam in Uttar Pradesh with funding from Pakistan’s ISI. Moreover, children and women were also lured in with false promises of cash, job, and marriage, and later, converted. Gautam, who is one of the two accused arrested in the beginning, and himself a convert to Islam from Hinduism, boasted to the police of having converted at least 1,000 people to Islam. “I converted at least 1,000 non-Muslims to Islam, marrying them all to Muslims,” Kumar quoted Gautam as boasting. 

Meanwhile, the ATS has nabbed three more individuals in connection with the conversion racket. Rahul Bhola, Mannu Yadav (Abdul Manan) and Irfan Khayaza after the interrogation of Umar Gautam. Addressing a press briefing on Monday, the UP ADG Law & Order Prashant Kumar informed that Irfan Khayaza is an Interpreter in the Ministry of Children's Welfare in Delhi.

Using his influence, Khayaza used to manipulate the dumb and deaf people and speak ill about other religions, the police said. He used to provide gifts and other inducements to attract the people and get them converted. Khayaza was accompanied by Rahul Bhola, who is also deaf. Both of them would force people to get converted and distribute conversion certificates with the help of Umar Gautam. Mannu Yadav and another accused Aditya Gupta were also converted by them.

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