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SHOCKING: UP Top Cop Hurls "Go To Pakistan" During Violent CAA Protest, Video Surfaces

Amid protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), a video of Uttar Pradesh's Meerut's SP has gone viral where he can be seen hurling "Go to Pakistan"

Amid protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), a video of a senior police officer from Uttar Pradesh's Meerut has gone viral where he can be seen chanting communal and inappropriate remarks.  The video reportedly from last Friday that surfaced on December 27 shows Superintendent of Police(City) of Meerut Akhilesh Narayan Singh saying: "Go to Pakistan" to the alleged rioters. 

In the video accessed, SP Akhilesh Narayan Singh allegedly says said: "Where will you go? I will set this lane right now that you have given me this chance. Pointing at some black and blue badges, the Police officer reportedly says: "These black and blue badges you people are wearing, tell them to go to Pakistan. (Nahin woh to theek hai jo kaali patti aur neeli patti baandh rahe ho unko keh do Pakistan chale jaayein).

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He continues his rant: "Desh main agar nahin rehne ka man hai to chale jao bhaiya. Aaoge yahan aur gaoge kahin aur ka. (If you do not want to live here then go away. You come here but you sing praises about somewhere else?),"  the police officer says.

In the video, Singh and the other policemen then proceed to move ahead but the seemingly infuriated officer returns to the same men at least thrice and ends by saying, "I have taken the picture. Now I will show you. I will throw every man from here in jail. (Ek ek ghar ke ek ek aadmi ko jail main band karunga main)." He then says, "I will destroy everyone."

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Outreach on NRC

Amid nationwide debate on links between Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Population Register (NPR), sources on Friday said that BJP has planned to undertake an outreach program to rubbish the fake news and myths surrounding the same. This comes after BJP's top brass met on Thursday in a high-level meeting chaired by working president JP Nadda. As per sources, BJP's top leadership including Home Minister and party president Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will take part in awareness campaigns from January 1 to January 15 next month. 

Earlier, the Uttar Pradesh government has also begun an outreach program with Muslim clerics and leaders over the amended Citizenship Act (CAA). During his meeting with the leaders of the Muslim community, the Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma had asserted that CAA was not violating the right of the Muslim community. On Sunday, he had claimed that Opposition parties are provoking Muslims against CAA.

Additionally, Uttar Pradesh Police said they have identified 498 people - with as many as 148 from Meerut alone - who will be asked to pay up for losses incurred. On Thursday, police officers confirmed that as many as 1,113 people have been arrested from places across the state in connection with the anti-CAA protests. Yogi Adityanath has justified the action saying this has silenced the alleged rioters. 

Anti CAA protest

The Parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill on December 11, following which widespread protest began opposing the Act. The protest took a violent turn after clashes between Delhi Police and Jamia Millia Islamia students. While students allege that Police used brutal force against them and Police allege that students stone-pelted. Following this incident on December 15, the protest began nationwide against the implementation of CAA and against Police brutality.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday while addressing a public rally at New Delhi's Ram Lila Maidan said that there has been no discussion on NRC those opposing CAA must first read it. This remark by the prime minister comes even as Home Minister Amit Shah has on several occasions, including in a speech in Rajya Sabha has spoken about a pan-India NRC.

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