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Bodoland Lottery Result Today July 19, 2021: Bodoland Lottery Result To Be Out Soon

The Bodoland lottery results for July 19 are to be out soon. Get all the latest Bodoland lottery results today along with the list of the winning numbers.

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Bodoland region has a separate set of lottery games apart from Assam lotteries which are scheduled for two-time slots, afternoon and evening. The Bodoland Territorial Council Secretariat conducts the Bodoland lottery after its legalization in specific regions and states in India. Otherwise, there are only 13 states that practice lottery games in India. The Bodoland lottery results for 3 pm time slot can be found on the official website. The price of a single ticket is just Rs. 2 for Bodoland Lottery.

The prize money to be won in Bodoland Lottery result individual series is as follows

Bodoland lottery is a unique lottery system where there are sub-categories and multiple first-place winners in separate series. For example, the Singam White or the Rosa Deer Diamond series. Other examples are the Thangam Skill series or the Nallaneram Skill series. Each of these lotteries has individual winners. The first prize winner gets to take home a sum of Rs. 50,000. The second prize winner gets to take Rs. 7,000, whereas multiple third prize winners get Rs. 3,500. The winners at the fourth position get Rs. 200 and fifth place winners get Rs. 100. Sixth place winners take home Rs. 50. The Bodoland lottery winners are segregated in each series. For example, the Bodoland Lottery results for Singam Saturday will be separate, and the Rosa Diamond series will have a different set of winners for the prizes as mentioned above.

For Monday, there are several types of Bodoland results games that one can participate in. They are:

Yellow Monday Bodoland lottery Series

  • Singham
  • Kuil

Royal Monday Bodoland lottery Series

  • Rosa
  • Deer

Luck Monday Bodoland lottery Series

  • Thangam
  • Nallaneram

Sun Monday Bodoland lottery Series

  • Kumaran
  • Vishnu

Pearl Monday Bodoland lottery Series

  • Swaranalaxmi

Assam and Bodoland are both different lottery draws. The individual prize amounts of the Bodoland lottery are less than individual Assam winning amounts. However, Bodoland is a popular lottery, and many people try their luck. The winners of the lottery can claim their prize money through Bodoland Territorial Council in Kokrajhar. They have to submit their original ticket within 30 days from the declaration of results.


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