After Humbling In SC, Rahul Gandhi To Speak On Rafale. LIVE UPDATES


After humbling in the Supreme Court, where the three-judge bench dismissed pleas seeking probe into Rafale deal, Congress President Rahul Gandhi will address media

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After humbling in the Supreme Court, where the three-judge bench dismissed pleas seeking probe into Rafale deal, Congress President Rahul Gandhi will address media
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10 months ago

If such a report comes to PAC, it can't be hidden, it has to be given to Parliament. When did this report come?: Mallikarjun Kharge

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10 months ago

The Prime Minister of India doesn't want to be exposed in front of the media. We have few questions: Rahul Gandhi

"Why 500 crore jets were bought for 1600 crore?"

"Why did the Offset contract go to Anil Ambani? Why it was taken away from HAL?"

"We asked for JPC, said the jurisdiction is of the Parliament. I challenged Jaitley in a tweet"

"Dassault has the price and but they have not been revealed to India."

"France's Hollande says that the Prime Minister of India said to give the contract to Reliance. We are presenting a case before you. The government has to give the answers"

"The pricing details of Rafale have been sent in a CAG report to PAC, says the SC verdict. Now head of PAC (Mr Kharge) is with us. Let's ask him if such a report came"

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10 months ago

Congress president Rahul Gandhi addresses press briefing on the SC's verdict on Rafale deal

10 months ago

Congress President Rahul Gandhi will address a press briefing on Friday evening, speaking on the verdict passed by the three-judge bench of Supreme Court headed by CJI Ranjan Gogoi on the Rafale deal.

The apex court, hearing the petitions of Prashant Bhushan and ML Sharma, dismissed their pleas of a probe or investigation into the matter, stating they found no irregularities in the deal.

Pronouncing its verdict, the CJI-led three-judge bench of the Supreme Court said that it had examined the petitions along three aspects after having first tried to find out the power of judicial reviews for defence matters.

  • Decision-making process
  • Pricing
  • Choice of Indian offset partner

On the first matter, the decision making process, the CJI said: 'On the decision making process we are satisfied. There is no occasion to set aside the contract. These are contracts for defence procurement. Broadly the process has been followed. Quality of aircraft is not in question Metre conjecture is of no use.'

He added, 'We can't sit in judgment for going to purchase 36 aircraft or 126. Our country can't be unprepared for fifth generation of aircraft.'

On the second, i.e. pricing, he said: 'We have examined the pricing closely. Price details official responders claim better advantage. It's not the job of the court to look into pricing. We say no more as the matter has to be confidential.'

On the third matter, i.e. offset: The CJI said that it is not in the area of the Supreme Court to see this.

Having inclined with the government on all three counts, the CJI said that there would be no intervention in the Rafale deal, adding 'Perception of individuals can't be roving', and dismissed the Rafale petitions.

Soon after the order came out, the BJP attacked Congress, demanding an apology from its president over his continuous 'chor' remark on PM Modi and the government.

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