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Sharad Pawar


Allied Front: Sharad Pawar Calls For Opposition Parties To Come Together Against 'casteist' BJP, Asks Them To Forego Ideological Differences

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  • Sharad Pawar pitched for anti-BJP alliance, this time calling the party in power casteist
  • He also said the parties in Opposition should stay away from those ones with an agenda for caste politics

Calling for a united alliance against the BJP for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Sharad Pawar, on Monday, asked the Opposition parties to come together against the 'casteist' party in power irrespective of their political ideologies. 

The NCP president said that the parties which are against using caste politics for vote-banks must join hands against the BJP.

"It is yours and mine, and everyone's responsibility to come together against the BJP. Your political ideology may be different, but those who are against the BJP, those who are against caste ideology (must come join forces). Those who are trying to do the sin of sowing the seed of casteism in our society, keep them aside. To remove this national disaster we all should come together," he said.

On November 1, Pawar met with Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu, who has held numerous meetings towards the creation of an allied front for 2019 polls, to give support to the anti-BJP alliance. Along with him, extending support to the coalition was JKNC patron Farooq Abdullah.

Joining in chorus with Naidu to 'save democracy', Pawar had said that the parties must collectively work for this agenda. He also added that the TDP chief, NCP head Farooq Abdullah and himself will ask the leaders of prominent regional and national parties to have a meeting and also discuss a PM candidate.

“Recently, from what we have observed about what is happening in CBI and ED and the RBI, the situation is deteriorating. In such a situation, suggestions were made by Chandrababu Naidu and Farooq Abdullah that we should discuss all these collectively and for that we should invite non-BJP parties and also regional parties, to assess the situation and take some decision to save the country and save democracy. If we collectively work to save democracy, we can definitely save institutions. So in that connection, Chandrababu is going to talk to all the state leaders and then, he, myself and Farooq ji will call the meeting of the leaders and collectively will discuss the face of the program,” he had said.

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