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'Yogi in 2022, Modi in 2024' | Amit Shah Hails Yogi Govt For 'fulfilling 90% Of Manifesto Promises', Hits Out At Akhilesh

Amit Shah reached Lucknow and gave an address listing BJP's work in the state and drew a comparison with the previous government.

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Right after landing in Uttar Pradesh's Lucknow, Home Minister Amit Shah did a 'Sri Ganesh' for Assembly Elections campaigning. Amit Shah launched a political attack on 'babu Akhilesh, sister Mayawati and Congress-Vadra family' by listing what was left by the previous government and what developments BJP did in the state. Significantly, the Home Minister linked the party's majority in Uttar Pradesh with the party's majority in General Election and credited Narendra Modi's election as Prime Minister to the people of UP. The assembly elections will be held in 2022.

Amit Shah attacks Akhilesh Yadav:

"Akhilesh babu I have come today after doing all my homework but when will you give the math of your foreign tours? Where were you when UP was under COVID outbreak and floods?" asked Amit Shah. 

'These politicians are only concerned with their respective families': Amit Shah

While adding that BJP is a party for the poor, young, women, Dalits and backward classes, Amit Shah said that Congress, SP and other parties are only led by their own families. 

"These politicians are only concerned with themselves, their families and maximum with their religion but BJP only believes in the family of workers. As individuals, we too are led by our family but when it comes to the party we break those rules. Akhilesh and company back in 2014, 17 and 19 used to taunt us with 'Mandir wahi banayenge par tithi nahi batayengi,' now dear Akhilesh we have not only given the date but also started with the construction work of the temple and you could not even give 5000 rs and I am here to remind your party how they used to torture those who worshipped Sri Ram. This is the difference between BJP and family led govt," fumed Amit Shah.

SP, BSP, Congress Vs BJP

Listing the development works done by the BJP in the past four years, Amit Shah drew a comparison of what was 'left' and what their party brought to the state:

  • Before BJP, Uttar Pradesh stood 7th in economic strength today it stands at 2nd position 
  • SP left the state with a budget of 10 lakh crore, Yogi Adityanath has a budget of 21 lakh crore 
  • Improved ease of living
  • Brought state from 18% unemployment to 4.8%
  • From 12 medical colleges to 30 and the target is 40 which we will fulfil before 2022
  • From 2 expressway to 7 today

'Election is a festival of democracy': Amit Shah

Further asking UP citizens to vote for the BJP in 2022 and slamming the opposition Amit Shah asserted, 'election is not about power for the BJP but it is a festival of democracy.'

Amit Shah's message to BJP members in UP

Further passing his message to the BJP workers in the state, the Home Minister added that this is the land of the youth as UP consist of a maximum of the young population. 

"Connect the young, Dalit, women, poor, old party workers, connect everyone to the party," said Amit Shah to party workers.

In his concluding remarks, Home Minister asked Uttar Pradesh citizens that if they want to see Narendra Modi as PM in 2024 then elect BJP in the state in 2022. 

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