Amit Shah Launches Attack At 'Congress & Company', Calls Them Out For 'lying' & 'rioting'


On Sunday, Home Minister Amit Shah addressed an aggressive campaign in favour of CAA in Jabalpur, where he name-called various leaders in the opposition

Written By Ananya Varma | Mumbai | Updated On:

On Sunday, Home Minister Amit Shah addressed an aggressive campaign in favour of CAA in Jabalpur, where he name-called various leaders in the opposition like Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Ashok Gehlot, and Arvind Kejriwal calling them all 'liars'. Amit Shah mobilised the crowd and asked them whether politicians should indulge in vote-bank politics or work for national interest, stating that the minorities in the country were being constantly 'instigated' and 'lied to.' He also highlighted the 'duplicity' of the Congress who took differing stands based on whether they were in power or not. 

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"Recently Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh elections happened. Rahul baba open your ears and listen, in your election manifesto for Rajasthan, in your 34th point you have said that the Hindus and Sikhs who have come from Pakistan will be given citizenship. And when the BJP brings the act, you oppose it. Gehlotji, just look at your own election manifesto that you released." 

Amit Shah spoke about how the minority in the country were being misled. "The country's minority are being poked and instigated, they are scared that they will lose their citizenship. I have come here to say that everyone should download the act on their phones and read it. Nowhere is there a provision to take someone's citizenship. There is only a provision to give citizenship to the people who have run away facing atrocities." 

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'Congress and company are liars' 

The Home Minister slammed the opposition parties for instigating people and fueling riots in the country. "You started riots within the country. To tackle these lies we have started the Jan Jagrukta Abhiyaan so we can tell everyone the truth about this act. We will tell you the real truth. The truth that Congress and company are liars. This Mamata Banerjee and Kejriwal are all liars." He also urged each and every person present in the rally to spread the real truth about the act. 

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"Modiji removed 370 and integrated Kashmir with the country. Should 370 be removed? Congress party is opposing that. Where Lord Ram was born, should there be a Ram mandir there or not? Congress said there should be no mandir. You can try to oppose as much as you can but in 4 months a grand Ram mandir touching the sky will be built. When Pulwama was attacked our jawans were killed.  Modi conducted airstrikes right into Pakistan. This Congress, Mamata, Kejriwal are asking for proof. Should Pakistan be taught a lesson? Congress and company were against it." 

'Opposition speaking the language of Pakistan' 

Amit Shah spoke about how PM Modi has brought CAA post which crores of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists will be given citizenship. The Home Minister said, "Congress party is opposing CAA now. They are standing with people who raise slogans like-- Bharat ke hon tukde hazaar, inshallah inshallah. Should such people be jailed? Rahul and Kejriwal want to save them. Why? Are they their cousins?" 

"In the greed of vote bank, they have started speaking the same language as Pakistan. After Article 370 was removed, Imran Khan said Kashmiri's were wronged, Congress said Kashmiri's were wronged, Mamata said Kashmiri's were wronged. Why are all of their languages the same?," asked the Home Minister

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