Amit Shah: NEDA The Answer To Congress' Draconian NE Alienation Policy


The Union Cabinet Minister, Amit Shah, addressed the NEDA members on the prevailing issue of northeast alienation by Congress in fourth NEDA conclave.

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, on Monday, addressed the NEDA (North-East Democratic Alliance) members on the prevailing issue of northeast alienation by the previous governments in Guwahati. The Home Minister took part in the fourth conclave of North East Democratic Alliance along with the Chief Ministers of all the member states. He congratulated the members on being a part of the united umbrella under the NDA government. The BJP President also reiterated through his speech that the northeastern states are an integral part of India. 

NEDA’s Foundation 

In his speech, Amit Shah spoke about the establishment and development of NEDA, he said, “The foundation stone of NEDA was laid after the Assam elections of 2016 and there has been no looking back since then. NEDA’s establishment was necessary to reach the grass-root level in each northeastern state. I am happy that the NEDA’s seed sown in 2016 has turned out to be this huge tree in three years. When I visited Nagaland in 2015, I had called for making the region Congress-free, and now, the whole of the northeast has become free from congress.” 

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Congress-free Northeast 

Adding to the process of NEDA’s foundation, Amit Shah also mentioned how the ruling government has overcome the draconian alienation of northeast and its negligence by previous governments. He said, “It is a big achievement to have these states free from Congress’s rule and I say it's an achievement not because I am the president of BJP, I say it because this move was necessary. Since the time of Independence, the Congress party has been fueling fights in between the several tribes, states, languages, and cultures in the northeast. This had nurtured a never-ending upheaval and disturbance in the northeastern states. Congress has been feeding corruption over the necessary development in the northeast. Congress never tried to solve the militancy in northeast rather it has always fueled the problems from either side of the spectrum to ensure that they remain in power. All these reasons made the northeastern states feel alienated from mainland India.” 

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Amit Shah went on to narrate an old anecdote on Nagaland which had apparently shocked him during his talks with the then Nagaland Chief Minister. He said. “A leader from Nagaland once told me that he had returned from India a day before I was there. The crowd is laughing but I feel sad about the fact that the leader said this. What does, ‘I came from India’ mean? Where is Nagaland? Nagaland is a part of India and all the Nagas are as equal as any other Indian. The reason why northeastern citizens have been feeling this is that Congress has had policies of instigating fights in the northeast. Hence, there was a need for a united power that could eradicate the inequalities in the northeastern states, which is why we have formed NEDA. Every state is like a vital organ of India and in order to penetrate this thought, it was necessary for congress to go.” 

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