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'Are They Remembering Farmers After 60yrs Of Their Rule?' MoS Choudhary Slams Rahul Gandhi

Kailash Choudhary reminded Gandhi of the promise made to the farmers of Rajasthan prior to the elections, asking why farmer loans had still not been waived.

Union MoS Agriculture Kailash Choudhary slammed the Congress party on Tuesday for misleading the farmers over the agriculture reforms, questioning what they had done for the community during their 60-years of rule. Hitting out at former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the MoS reminded him of the promise that he had made to the farmers of Rajasthan prior to the elections, asking why farmer loans had still not been waived in the state. 

"The laws are in favour of the farmers, they will help the farmers to become self-reliant. But some political parties, attempting to benefit from the issue are trying to politicize the matter. The laws are in no doubt for the farmers. As far as Congress goes, these laws were in their election manifesto. They should go and read their manifesto before misleading the farmers on the ground," he said. 

"Rahul Gandhi came to Rajasthan, he should have heard his own speech before elections where he had promised to waive off farmer loans which the party has till today not done. They have only cheated the farmers. Are they remembering farmers after 60 years of their rule?" added MoS Kailash Choudhary. 

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Rahul Gandhi extends support to Rihanna 

Yesterday, during his visit to his Lok Sabha Constituency Wayanad Rahul Gandhi hailed international pop-star Rihanna for questioning the Farm Laws in India. Moreover, he also alleged that the Central Government was unable to feel the pain of the farmers.

"The entire world can see the difficulty faced by Indian farmers but the Govt in Delhi is unable to understand the pain of the farmers. We have pop stars who are commenting on the situation of the farmers, but the Indian Government is not interested," he said. 

Previously as well, Congress misled the farmers claiming that Mandis will shut down after the implementation of the Farm Laws despite the Centre's repeated clarifications assuring that the new Farm Laws will not affect Mandis or the MSP system. 

The Centre has so far held 11 rounds of talks with the farmers over the agriculture reforms. A Supreme Court-appointed panel has also been holding regular deliberations with the farming community, the stakeholders and the government over the laws. The Centre has also sent an open invitation to the farmers, with PM Modi saying that he was only one phone call away if unions wanted to hold the next round of talks. 

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