Arvind Kejriwal's Electricity Freebie Is Because Of BJP's Efforts, Says Manoj Tiwari Claiming Vindication & Victory

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • BJP MP Manoj Tiwari has retaliated over Arvind Kejriwal's freebies to the Delhi people
  • BJP MP Manoj Tiwari claimed that Kejriwal took the decision after tremendous efforts made by BJP and other NGOs over the increased prices of electricity

In a major move ahead of the assembly elections in the National Capital, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday announced that the people consuming electricity in the city with 200 or lesser limits will be exempted from paying the bill. Responding to the freebies that the AAP convenor has been promising the people of Delhi, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari claimed that Kejriwal took the decision after tremendous efforts made by BJP and other NGOs over the increased prices of electricity. 

"This is not the decision of Arvind Kejriwal. It is the result of the constant fight put up by BJP. Since the day they have increased the fixed charge, BJP has been struggling. This is the fight put by us, NGOs and other forces and we have won," Tiwari said. 

Adding that the freebies are being announced ahead of the elections, he questioned Arvind Kejriwal over the whereabouts of the crores of money that the AAP government took from Delhi people over the past 55 months with increased rates. 

"We can only make up two things with his announcement. It is a way to fool the citizens ahead of the elections like the way he did before the 2015 elections. Now elections are again here. So they are trying to lure the citizens. But the increased rates that you took in the past 55 months, almost Rs 7,000 crore you have looted from the people of Delhi, when will you return that," the BJP leader added. 

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Arvind Kejriwal announces freebies

On Thursday, Arvind Kejriwal announced 'Free Lifeline Electricity of 200 units to all'. Addressing a press conference in Delhi, Kejriwal said that household consuming 200 units or less power will now get a Zero Bill every month. However, if a household will use more than 200 units, then existing rates of electricity will apply, he added. The AAP chief also said those consuming electricity within 201 to 401 units will continue to get 50 per cent power subsidy from the government.

Responding to the claims of a "freebie" ahead of the Assembly elections, the AAP convenor said that since the citizens have voted for an honest government, it is giving the money saved back to the people.

"If the infrastructure has improved, if the financial condition of the electricity boards have improved, if the revenue has increased, if so many transformers have been installed to assure you 24 hours electricity, so this is free because you voted for honest government. We don't loot the money. Whatever the money is saved, we are giving the money to you," he added.

This development has come weeks after Arvind Kejriwal had announced free Delhi metro and bus rides for women in the National Capital. 

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