As Another Congress Leader Abuses PM Modi, BJP Hits Back At Ex-PM Manmohan Singh's 'advice'. Read Here

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

The trend of Congress leaders using unparliamentary language and personal attacks against the Prime Minister appears to be continuing unabated. After Raj Babbar and Vilasrao Muttemwar, another Congress leader, from Jharkhand this time, has been caught on tape.

In a video posted to social media by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, Congress Jharkhand MLA Irfan Ansari can be seen and heard making an attack on Demonetisation, during which he abuses the Prime Minister.

In his tweet, Sambit Patra has hit back at former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who had on Monday offered his 'advice' to successor Narendra Modi, telling him to "exercise restraint".

Dr Manmohan Singh also said, "The Prime Minister, when he goes to states which are ruled by parties other than to which he belongs, I think, has an obligation not to use language of the kind which has now become a common practice".

Earlier, the BJP had been outraged over a pair of Congress leaders each bringing in the Prime Minister's parents to issue political attacks. Raj Babbar said in Indore that the Rupee-Dollar exchange rate had crept up to such an extent that it was comparable to PM Modi's mother's age, while Vilasrao Muttemwar, contrasted Narendra Modi's heritage with that of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, stating, 'nobody even knows who Narendra Modi's father is. Everyone knows who Rahul Gandhi's father is'.

The twin attacks had been responded to by the Prime Minister at a rally in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh's Vidisha, as he took on the Congress:

"When issues don't exist, arguments don't exist, people's confidence is lost, when self-confidence is lost, there's only one way out -- abuse, abuse, abuse. I am amazed that the 'Naamdaar', Congress party's chief, is supporting all that's happening now. I am amazed that two days ago, a Congress leader dragged my mother into election campaign. My mother hasn't seen where Madhya Pradesh is, who doesn't know 'R' of Rajniti, who spends her days praying in her small room. Was it appropriate to drag my mother in this way? Is this the only issue left with you? I thought Congress party will learn a lesson. But today, I saw on TV and it's running in social media that when they couldn't get anything by abusing my mother, now they now dragged in my father. My father passed away 30 years ago. My family has had no link with politics in 100 generations. Small village, we were from poor family. What is the reason that they dragged in my father who passed away 30 years ago?", he said.