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As Mamata Rebuts 'skipped Meet' Charge, War Of Words Erupts Between TMC & BJP

The Central government and Trinamool Congress comes face to face amid the current Bureaucrat posting and Cyclone review meeting row in West Bengal.


Amid the current Bureaucrat posting and Cyclone review meeting row in Bengal, the Central government and Trinamool Congress come face to face. Mamta government has called out the Centre's decision to transfer the Chief secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay comes at the wrong time when the state is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of the cyclone Yaas. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Roopa Ganguly spoke exclusively to Republic TV Executive Editor Niranjan Narayanaswamy over the allegations and said most of the time CM Mamata tends to forget the Consitution of the country.

 Roopa Ganguly speaks on CM Mamta 

"What I got to know, that a meeting schedule was prepared over who will be invited to the meeting and a call was made by the DM to the Prime Minister Office (PMO). CM Mamata was not happy with the guest list and she is no one to decide the guest list. Anyway, most of the times she tends to forget the protocols and rule of the country's constitution, she denies it. Moreover, on top of it, she said that she won't attend the meeting and later on she did attend but very late. Honourable PM has taken out time and visited the Cyclone affected area to take the assessment of the whole situation where people have suffered. In that case the CM, instead of having an elaborate meeting with him she avoided it. According to me she did not sit there for a discussion because she knew that the amount she has quoted for the disaster is very stupid and 20 thousand crore doesn't make any sense," said Roopa Ganguly.

Saugata Roy speaks on Suvendhu Adhikari

On behalf of TMC, party leader Saugata Roy hit back and targetting Suvendu Adhikari said that responding to him is below his dignity. Earlier hitting out at CM Mamata Banerjee's 'behaviour' with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Adhikari said that it marks a 'dark day' in India's long-standing ethos of cooperative federalism. He termed Mamata Banerjee's short meeting with the PM as a reflection of her 'dictatorial nature and lack of respect for constitutional values.

"It is beneath my dignity to respond to the allegations made by Suvendu Adhikari. He is a defector, party hopper and he is of no importance", Roy said.

"CM Mamta was insulted": Saugata Roy

He claimed that Mamata Banerjee was insulted by PMO officials and Suvendhu Adhikari had no business to be present in PM's official meeting as he is not important.

"The CM has herself made things clear that there was a disaster in Bengal. It is good that Prime Minister wanted to visit the state but the CM Mamata wanted one to one meeting with PM Modi. She was not allowed the same. The PM called for a review meeting in which people like Suvendhu Adhikari was invited-- who has no business to be present in an official meeting. Still, Mamata Banerjee went and had a one on one meeting with the PM presented her demand and left. She came all the way from Sagar Island to Kalaikunda near Kharagpur just to meet the PM. But she was humiliated and made to wait 20 minutes by the PMO's officials and then after she left," TMC leader said.

"Our fault is that we defeated BJP": Saugata Roy

"PM went back to Delhi and called the Chief Secretary to join in Delhi on Monday. It is a sheer insult to the Chief mInister, the chief secretary and to the state government. Maybe our fault is that we defeated the BJP, maybe our fault is that we are Bengalis and that's why we are humiliated and insulated. This is against the principle of centre-state relation. I totally condemned the attitude of the PM and the Central government," said Roy.

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