Bihar Minister Asks District Administration To Get Tejashwi Yadav's Bungalow Evicted

Written By Prakash Singh | Mumbai | Published:

Bihar's Minister of Building Construction Department, Maheshwar Hazari, has communicated the orders of Patna High Court to Patna District Administration to get Tejashwi Yadav's 5 Deshratan Marg Bungalow evicted. Tejashwi has been occupying this residence which was alloted to him in the capacity of Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar. After Nitish Kumar walked out of Mahagathbandhan and joined hands with BJP then the house was alloted to present Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi.

(Images of 5 Deshratan Marg Bungalow)

Building Construction Department then sent a letter to Tejashwi Yadav to vacate the house, however, Mr. Yadav filed a petition in the Patna High Court against the eviction orders of the Bihar government. But in due course of time Tejashwi's petition was dismissed by the Patna High Court on the grounds that 5 Desharatan Marg residence was earmarked for the Deputy Chief Minister.

After the entire episode, Tejashwi Yadav moved to the double bench for repreive, however, his request was again turned down and he has been asked to vacate the house within 15 days which he has been occupying forcefully for the past 15 months.

Talking on the matter, Bihar Building Construction Minister Mr. Maheshwar said:

"When NDA government was formed in July 2017 we gave 15 days notice to all ministers of RJD to vacate the earmarked ministerial bungalows and most of them followed suit but for the exception of Tejashwi and few others who went to court but the court also ordered them to vacate the ministerial house. Then Mr Tejashwi moved to double bench of Patna High Court and the court again ordered Tejashwi ji to vacate the house on the orders of the court we have directed the district administration to get the house evicted. We expect that Tejashwi ji will follow rules and regulations as he is holding constitutional position and the house occupied by him is earmarked for Deputy CM of Bihar". 

Moreover, Tejashwi Yadav does not reside in the 5 Deshratan Marg residence and use the premises only for office space. He lives in 10 circular road, a house alloted to his mother Rabri Devi. One polo road residence has been alloted to Tejashwi as leader of opposition, which is presently occupied by Sushil Modi. After arriving from Delhi on Friday, Tejashwi refused to comment on the eviction order.

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Tejashwi had recently charged Nitish kumar of snoooping, by installing CCTV cameras inside the CM premises which faces the wall adjacent to 5 Deshratan marg residence. But his allegation fell flat as the CCTV cameras were installed inside the CM's house for security reasons. But later it was revealed that the cameras were non-functional and they have been removed now.

Everyone is waiting to see whether Tejashwi Yadav will vacate the house on his own or will he be forcefully evicted following the court orders. Most likely he would want a forceful eviction to get political mileage in election year.

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