JD(U) Battle Grows: Bihar Min Hits Back At Prashant Kishor For Criticising CM Nitish Kumar


Bihar IPRD minister and JD(U) leader Neeraj Kumar took a dig at Prashant Kishor for his attacks on Bihar's Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's secular credentials

Written By Prakash Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:

Bihar IPRD minister and JD(U) leader Neeraj Kumar has taken a dig at Prashant Kishor for his attacks on Bihar CM Nitish Kumar's secular credentials through a series of tweets. For the last three days, Kishor had questioned the secular credentials of Nitish Kumar and also questioned him on whether he believed in the Gandhian ideology. He said that Nitish Kumar should not have supported the Citizenship Amendment Bill in Parliament.

On the second day, Kishore through his tweet reminded Nitish Kumar that he should also spare a moment for those who reposed their faith and trust (hinting at minorities), by voting for him in the 2015 assembly election.

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Neeraj Kumar attacks Prashant Kishor

Bihar minister Neeraj Kumar attacked Prashant Kishor for his tweet on Nitish Kumar. Neeraj Kumar said that "None can question the secular credentials of Nitish Kumar. When the party has decided to support the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, it's a collective decision and not an individual decision. Prashant Kishor should express his views on the party forum. Regarding votes, I want to tell him that our vote percentage increased by 39% in 2019 in comparison to 2015 elections". Hinting at Prashant Kishor, when he was assisting JD(U) in the campaign, Neeraj Kumar said, "Our commitment to secularism is intact. About Prashant Kishor and why is he doing this, the party's senior leadership will take a call on that".

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Further attacking the CAB, Prashant Kishor in his tweet on Thursday wrote; 

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Prashant Kishor has been embarrassing Bihar CM Nitish Kumar through his tweets after the Bihar CM decided to support the citizenship amendment bill. Ever since Kishore joined JDU as vice president in September 2018, it's been a bumpy political journey for the poll strategist. Kishor was waiting for the opportunity to embarrass Nitish Kumar as he was marginalized in the JD(U) for quite some time. It's just a matter of time that Kishor and Nitish Kumar will part ways with each other. Kishor, who had assisted JD(U) in 2015 Bihar assembly elections, is now assisting Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool in Bengal where BJP has made NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill a poll issue.

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