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BJP & TMC Spar Over West Bengal Exit Polls, Swapan Dasgupta, MP Contestants & Nandigram

When Ruju Dutta said he feels sorry for BJP's Swapan Dasgupta, the saffron party refuted his claims and said that as per exit polls, all BJP MPs are winning

Twitter: @Drrijudutta_TMC, PTI, ANI

As BJP eyes to breach the Bengal frontier on May 2, TMC spokesperson Riju Dutta and convenor of Election Committee of BJP Shishir Bajoria spoke exclusively to Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami after the Exit Polls. The TMC Spokesperson said that the only person he feels sorry for in the saffron party is Swapan Dasgupta who resigned from the Rajya Sabha to contest from Tarakeshwar. 

Reacting to Riju Dutta, Shishir Bajoria said, "Very clearly, what Swapan Da did was he put everything on the platter of West Bengal. He was a presidential nominee, it's a fact, and he still has his term left. But for the call of West Bengal, Swapan Da not only resigned from the post of MP but for many months, he has been living in Kolkata."

West Bengal Elections: BJP's 1st reaction on getting Exit Poll edge

Giving a stern reply to TMC Spokesperson's statements, BJP's convenor of the Election Committee remarked that when one talks about MPs going back to their seats'', all of BJP's 4 MPs are winning. Responding to Riju Dutta's claim that Swapan Dasgupta would have been a much better candidate for urban Kolkata than Tarakeshwar, Bajoria said, "Look I'm from BJP and you are from TMC and when one speaks about choosing the wrong constituency, sitting West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee decided to ditch her home constituency- Bhowanipore because she was scared. 

"So if you think like this, then let me tell you that as per exit polls, Swapan Dasgupta is winning and BJP is giving a close fight in Nandigram," Shishir Bajoria added. 

Bengal Polls: Seat share

The BJP is projected to win 138-148 seats defeating the TMC which is projected to win 128-138 seats, while the Congress-Left-ISF alliance is projected to win 11-21 seats. Republic-CNX Exit polls project a party-wise win as such - TMC (126-136 seats), BJP (138-148 seats), Left Front (4-8 seats), Congress (6-9 seats) ISF (1-3 seats), Others (1-3 seats)

  • BJP: 138-148 seats
  • TMC: 128-138 seats
  • Left: 11-21 seats
  • Others: 0

Party wise seat share

  • BJP: 138-148 seats
  • TMC: 126-136 seats
  • Left: 4-8 seats
  • Congress: 6-9 seats
  • ISF: 1-3 seats
  • Others: 1-3 seats

* As of 1 PM on Phase - 8 polls (29 April 2021)

Vote Share

With BJP set to be the single-largest party, it is projected to garner 42.75% of the votes, while TMC is projected to win 40.07% of the votes. Left-Congress is projected to win 14.42% of the votes, while others are projected to win 2.76% of the votes. 

  • TMC+: 40.07%
  • BJP+: 42.75% 
  • Left+: 14.42%
  • Others: 2.76%

* As of 1 PM on Phase - 8 polls (29 April 2021)

CNX Exit poll methodology

To understand that which party has the edge after voting in the state, CNX, a Delhi based research & survey agency, conducted the exit poll survey at the polling booths in West Bengal. A list of questions was prepared by the Republic-CNX team to understand the possible voting behaviour of the Bengali people in the assembly elections in the state. A quantitative survey using a structured questionnaire was administered randomly to 35,280 men and women from section A and section B households, in the age group of 18 to 60. The survey team visited all the 294 Assembly seats in the states going deep into by-lanes and meeting people from all walks of life.

(Image: Twitter: @Drrijudutta_TMC, PTI, ANI)

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