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BJP Launches Scathing Attack On Kejriwal As Satyendar Jain Gets Massage In Tihar Jail

After Republic newsbreak on Tihar Tape expose, BJP slammed the AAP & demanded Arvind Kejriwal answer why his minister is getting VVIP treatment in Tihar jail.

Image: Republic/PTI

After Republic Media Network's newsbreak on Tihar Tape expose wherein incarcerated Delhi Minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader Satyendar Jain is seen getting VVIP treatment like getting a massage in the Tihar Jail, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) slammed the AAP and demanded CM Arvind Kejriwal to answer why his minister who is lodged in jail is getting a 5-star treatment.

Addressing a press conference over Republic's newsbreak on Kejriwal's neta getting a massage in jail, BJP national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia questioned why Arvind Kejriwal is silent on the matter. He said the AAP is not an “Aam Aadmi Party but a Badnaam, Daam party”. Bhatia called the AAP supremo “mahathug” and said, “On his (Kejriwals') direction corruption is taking place, thuggy is taking place.”

Speaking about the CCTV footage showing Satyendar Jain getting a massage and meeting people in jail, the BJP leader said, "And when a shocking video of this type emerges, where do you hide Kejriwal? You called him (Satyendar Jain) ‘Kattar Imaandar’, now that ‘Kattar Imaandar’ is now getting a massage by breaking the laws."

'Kejriwal thinks he and his minister are above law': BJP

Further attacking Kejriwal, Bhatia said, "When you became the Delhi CM, you took a promise to protect the constitution. One should not forget that ‘Kattar Bemaan Thug’ who is getting massages is in jail for the last 5 months, but is not removed from the ministerial post... Kejriwal thinks that he and his minister is above the law. "

"We all saw how a new form of politics started in India under Narendra Modi's leadership. There is no VVIP… but we are seeing the VVIP culture in the video... First, Kejriwal did not remove him from the ministerial post. Then he is giving him the treatment that an accused should not get. A prisoner will be given a massage?" Bhatia said.

'Arvind Kejriwal is a King of Corruption'

The BJP leader raised questions on why Jain was given a VVIP treatment in Jain. Bhatia slammed Kejriwal and said that when bail is not given to any person this means that the court does not wants the accused to tamper with the evidence. “But here he is interacting with four people. Evidences are being tampered with. And Kejriwal is behind this," he said.

"The masseur looks like the brother of Kejriwal in corruption. While giving the massage, the person removes a wad of paper and hands it to Satyendar Jain who is resting on the bed... It must be asked which files of the Delhi government are being shared," Bhatia said.

The saffron party leader further said, "It a danger for any democracy when a person like Arvind Kejriwal who violates the constitution is the CM of Delhi... It seems like Arvind Kejriwal has a vault of black money and it has a password. Arvind Kejriwal is a 'King of Corruption. And all the money is now closed in the vault. The password is with thug Satyendar Jain. If they won’t give him a massage, then how will Arvind Kejriwal utilise that black money?"

BJP explains SCM o AAP

Gaurav Bhatia explained the 'SCM' of the AAP party. "When they said they will give S for school, they gave S for Spa to their corrupt minister. When they said they will give M for the Medical facility, they gave  M for Massage to their minister. They had to give College for C, but they gave ‘Champi’ (head massage)," the BJP leader said.

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