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BJP Leader Sambit Patra Reveals Alleged Author Of 'Congress Toolkit'; Seeks Answers

The 'toolkit' outlining the grand old party's alleged attempt at defaming Prime Minister Modi and the Government of India was released by the saffron party.

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BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra on Wednesday hit out at the Congress party over its alleged 'toolkit'. The 'toolkit' outlining the grand old party's alleged attempt at defaming Prime Minister Modi and the Government of India was released by the saffron party on Tuesday. Attacking the Congress party, Sambit Patra said that his party is presenting proof pertaining to the tool kit. 

BJP reveals the author of Congress 'toolkit'; Seeks answers

Patra revealed that domain experts during their research concluded that the tool kit was authored by Saumya Varma. He further alleged that the toolkit brought focus on the ongoing Central Vista Project. He added that the tool kit had mentioned Central Vista as a 'vanity project'. Sambit Patra further questioned the author of the toolkit, Saumya Varma. 

"It is clearly written here in social media profiles of Saumya Varma that she is connected with Congress MP Rajeev Gowda. She is connected to the research wing of the AICC which is headed by Professor Gowda," Sambit Patra revealed.

Further hitting out at the Congress, Patra showcased a picture in which Saumya Varma is seen with high-profile people, including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Professor Gowda. 

"As you can see, Saumya Varma is seen in this picture with Rahul Gandhi and Professor Gowda who heads the research wing of the AICC. During that time, Rahul Gandhi was the Congress chief and this is the picture of their research team. You can see the pictures of these toolkit managers. I want to show this to the whole country." said Sambit Patra

Presenting another picture of the 'research team', Patra added that Saumya Verma can be seen in the picture as well. He revealed another picture of the alleged 'author of the toolkit' with Professor Gowda. "This is the toolkit gang that defames and insults the country. They spread lies about the Central Vista Project and ventilators," Patra added

"Their motive is to tarnish Prime Minister Modi's image. This gang is responsible for the toolkit." said Sambit Patra

Sambit Patra also presented another social media post, linking Saumya Varma with the grand old party. The social media post relates to the Congress' manifesto during the Delhi assembly elections. Patra further hit out at the Congress and blamed it for naming the COVID-19 as an 'Indian Variant'. 

Patra concluded his statement by questioning if the alleged author Saumya Varma is working in AICC research wing under Rajeev Gowda. In addition, Patra also asked if Verma is a member of the Congress party. 

BJP Releases Congress 'toolkit'

Earlier on Tuesday, Sambit Patra attacked the Congress on the alleged 'toolkit' doing rounds on social media and slammed the grand old party for attempting to defame the PM and the Government of India amid the COVID-19 crisis in the country. Reading the various columns listed under the toolkit, Patra alleged that Congress was attempting to tarnish PM Modi's image using various methods. 

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