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'This is the situation' | BJP MP Janardan Mishra Sparks Row, Says 'corruption Up To 15 Lakh Is Understandable'

BJP MP Janardan Mishra was speaking at a public rally where he made shocking remarks while justifying corruption at a time when Piyush Jain case is underway.

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In a shocking remark, Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) MP Janardan Mishra said that if an individual is doing corruption till 15 lakhs then its fine. In a public statement, the BJP MP added that I say this jokingly as 7 lakhs are spent for an election and another 7 lakh for the next selection so if a party Sarpanch is involved in that much corruption then 'don't talk to me'. The video has now gone viral and a massive controversy has erupted over Mishra's comments who was speaking at a Panchayat election rally. 

BJP MP strikes massive controversy over corruption:

"People come to me and say Sarpanchs are doing corruption so I jokingly say that see if the amount is till 15 lakhs then don't come to me because anyway 7 lakhs are spent in the election and another 7 for next election so if the amount is more than that then it can be understood. This is the situation," said Mishra. 

Listen to the MP's remarks here:

The shocking remark also comes at a time when the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) is investigating Piyush Jain's case in Uttar Pradesh where Rs 257 crore in cash was recovered from the residence and factory of Kanpur-based businessman. 

DGGI Arrests UP Trader Piyush Jain over corruption charges

The seizure is said to be the biggest in the history of the Central Board Of Direct Taxes with the recovery of Rs 257 crore in cash from the residence and factory of Kanpur-based businessman Piyush Jain on Sunday. The perfume trader was later arrested by the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) on charges of tax evasion.

Initially, Rs 187.47 crore cash was confiscated from his factory in Kannauj and residence in Kanpur, pictures of which went viral on the internet. Apart from the hefty cash, the DGGI recovered unaccounted raw material such as sandalwood oil and finished products (perfumes) worth crores, from Jain's premises. The searches continued on the second day, leading to the recovery of Rs 257 crores cash in total. When asked about the source of money, Piyush Jain reportedly told officials that he sold 400kg of his ancestral gold. However, when he was asked about the jeweller or company to which the gold was sold, he had no substantial answer.

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