BJP Refuses To Buy Congress' Aljo Joseph Sacking, Cites Party's Links To Other Lawyers Defending Christian Michel In Court

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • The BJP isn't convinced by the Congress sacking Aljo Joseph for representing Christian Michel
  • Links between the Congress and two other counsels of Christian Michel have been alleged
  • Joseph and the Congress have attempted to put distance between themselves in light of the former representing the Agusta middleman

The BJP isn't buying Aljo Joseph and the Congress' defence about the former's affiliation to the party and his legal counsel to Christian Michel being unrelated.

Taking to Twitter, BJP spokesperson Suresh Nakhua, who was the one who first pointed out that Joseph, Christian Michel's lawyer, was the in-charge of the Youth Congress (since expelled). Now he has reacted to a clarification post by Joseph where others have also been named, including pictures of two other lawyers who are assisting Joseph with other well-known Congress faces:

And here is Joseph's Facebook post:

"I appeared in a Bail application for Christian James Michelle as part of legal team in my personal capacity as a lawyer. I was briefed by Sriram Parakkat and Ms Vishu Shankar, advocates of the Supreme Court in this case. It has nothing to do with the congress party. As a professional and a practising lawyer, I have appeared."

It was the BJP that had first pointed out that Aljo Joseph, who is representing Christian Michel, was the Yuva Congress legal in-charge. 

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Minutes after this, and immediately after Michel was remanded to 5-days CBI custody, Joseph was spotted at the AICC headquarters, where he attempted to draw a clear line between his party affiliation and his professional commitments as a lawyer. Hours later, however, the Yuva Congress expelled him, stating the following in its letter:

"Aljo K Joseph appeared in his personal capacity. He did not consult the Youth Congress before appearing in the case. IYC (Indian Youth Congress) had removed Aljo Joseph from IYC's Legal Department and expelled him from the party with immediate effect."

On Thursday morning, Aljo Joseph met with Christian Michel at the CBI HQ, as the Patiala House Court has allowed him to do for one hour every day. Republic TV posed questions to him, though he didn't offer a response. Joseph has since been removed from the AICC's Supreme Court legal team as well.

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Political attacks have been traded thick and fast in the aftermath of Michel's sensational extradition from Dubai. The Prime Minister, addressing election rallies in Rajasthan, made numerous references to Michel being the 'secret keeper' in the AgustaWestland case, alluding to the possibility that he may spill the beans on UPA era politicians being involved in the case. PM also directly named Sonia Gandhi, speaking of a letter relating to her and the case.