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BJP Slams Rahul Gandhi Over Sri Lanka Comparison; 'His Politics Is Far From Reality'

Reacting to Rahul Gandhi's tweet, BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli slammed the ex-Congress chief by saying that his politics have nothing to do with reality.

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Ex-Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, on Wednesday, compared India with Sri Lanka, claiming that India's situation was looking a lot like the island nation. Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi shared a comparison graphic between the two nations based on three parameters - unemployment, petrol price, and communal violence.

Reacting to the tweet, BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli told Republic TV that Rahul Gandhi and his politics have nothing to do with reality. He slammed the former Congress chief for his unverified information.

Speaking to Republic TV, BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli said, "One is now convinced that Rahul Gandhiji will do anything to destroy his own credibility in trying to be a profit of doom when there is no reason to be one. First of all, if he is so concerned about the petrol prices, he has to pick up the phone and speak to the Congress Chief, eliminate the local state tax and show the way, lead from the front. Why are Maharashtra, Rajasthan governments, and other state governments not reducing the petrol prices as much as the BJP states? Each BJP state such as Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, and others have reduced petrol prices by almost Rs 10 to Rs 15. But his governments won't do it."

Kohli added, "Rahul Gandhi has made it a norm that his politics will be by putting out a message of doom. This is because perhaps, he must be feeling that pressure which is why he is putting out this message. How can India be compared with Sri Lanka. There is nothing new about Rahul Gandhi's tweet of being a messenger of doom. Somewhere or the other, these are his standard tweets. There is also a fascinating timing to his tweets. If you look at his last one year's tweet, there is an uncanny timing of Rahul Gandhi's vacationing somewhere outside India. The last time it happened, he was partying in Kathmandu, so perhaps he has put out a tweet and he must be traveling somewhere."

"As far as India's economy is concerned, it is in a strong position. It is at the place where global investors have come after PM Modi's government. India is helping its neighbours like Sri Lanka where required. As Sri Lankan Prime Minister informed, it is a country which is spending much more than its income. In India, the fiscal deficitive is much under controlled, as is the revenue deficit. The GST collection has also gone up from over Rs 1 lakh crore on an average to about 1.5 lakh crores over the last few months. The tax collection is at a record high. These all indicates how strong India's economy is. So Rahul Gandhi and his politics has nothing to do with reality," he concluded. 

Rahul Gandhi draws Sri Lanka parallel

Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi shared a graphic comparing the two nations based on three parameters - unemployment, petrol price and communal violence. The Gandhi scion, based on the statistics and lines in the graphics, claimed that India's statistics in the aforementioned parameters were similar to Sri Lanka's. "Distracting people won't change facts," he asserted.

Rahul Gandhi is said to have sourced the information for his graphic from 'Armed Conflict Location & Event Date Project' (ACLED) along with Lok Sabha Unstarred Question, CMIE, Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, CEYPETCO, and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.


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