BJP's Ishrat Jahan Targeted In West Bengal Over Distribution Of Hanuman Chalisa, Alleges Threat To Her Life

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  • BJP Youth Wing leader Ishrat Jahan who was also a petitioner in the Triple Talaq case alleged that she isĀ being threatened for attending Hanuman Chalisa recitals
  • Jahan said she has registered a complaintĀ at the Golabari Police Station in Howrah, West Bengal
  • Jahan alleged that people gathered outside her building along with her husband's brother and objected her attending Hanuman Chalisa event wearing a hijab

In a major controversy that has erupted after the Hanuman Chalisa recitals on Tuesday at Howrah's Dobson Road, BJP Youth Wing leader Ishrat Jahan who was also a petitioner in the Triple Talaq case alleged that she is being threatened by her landlords, her in-laws and those residing in her building to evacuate the place for attending the event. She went on to claim that she is receiving death threats and has registered a complaint at the Golabari Police Station in Howrah, West Bengal. She has demanded police security and said that people cannot force her to change her religion, nor can they force her to not attend Hanuman Chalisa recital or any such event. Jahan alleges that people gathered outside her building along with her husband's brother and objected her attending Hanuman Chalisa event wearing a hijab. Notably Ishrat Jahan joined BJP last year on January 1 after days after the Triple Talaq Verdict.

Speaking to Republic TV, Jahan expressed her side of the story:

"When I was returning from my son's school, I saw that a crowd was gathered near my house. There were discussions going on. My brother-in-law was also a part of the ongoing discussion. He said that she never follows the orders of going back to the village. My brother has not divorced her. I was listening all of this. Someone stopped me. He said that stop her, she's Ishrat Jahan. So I stopped. They asked whether I participated in a Hanuman Chalisa recitation. I said yes. And I asked what was the problem with it. All our Hindu brothers actively participate on the occasion of Eid. They said you should have informed before going. You are defaming the Muslim community. Where does a question of defaming the Muslim community arises? We were not reciting the Chalisa. We just participated in that occasion. They said that you'll be thrown out from this house. They said that I can't stay here as I am insulting the women of the area by showing that numerous women were with Ishart Jahan during the recitation. Then I said that no women of the area were a part of this. I was all alone. And the media has reflected it. But no, they said that it was written that Muslim women participated in the event. They said it is a question of dignity of our daughters. But I'm a daughter too. So who will treat me with respect? They never respect me and I'm constantly pressurised. I'm constantly being asked and pressurised to leave the house.

They are further ordering to beat me up. Then where will I go? I'm constantly being tortured. I've been receiving death threats too. I stay all alone. And now anything can happen with me. My life is in danger. Earlier it was less when I raised the issue of getting a divorce. People are saying that I'm defaming the religion as I went to the Supreme Court to file for divorce. The question is, why did I go there. I went there because the ones close to me refused to provide any support. Then they said that only 4 women are facing torture as of now. And they assumed that there were numerous divorced women in my building. I said that there is not even a single divorced women in my building. I only went to the Supreme Court when I was not offered any support. No one heard me and gave me justice. And that was the reason I approached the doors of the supreme court for justice."

When asked if she thinks that she is being targeted because she belongs to BJP, Jahan said: 

 "I feel that this is the only reason. They said that you can be a part of any religion but what was the need of wearing a hijab and attending the Hanuman Chalisa recital event. You should have removed it. And this is why you will be thrown out.They said that I should be removed as early as possible. One of them said that the house should be sold to the registered occupant if she refuses to leave. And all of them have threatened to thrash me up. I was all alone and a lot of men were present over there. I felt like all of them would pounce on me."

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When asked about the help she is receiving from Kolkata Police, she said:

"I have called them up and informed. And soon I'll be going to the police station to file a complaint. And I demand police protection as my life is in danger. And these people can do anything with me at any point of time. Because I stay alone with my son. And if something happens to me, will the residents take accountability for it. The residents will be responsible if anything happens to my son. Each and every person will be responsible. I have constantly been threatened."

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Hanuman Chalisa Recitals

BJP workers in the Howrah district of West Bengal conducted Hanuman Chalisa recitals allegedly blocking the road on July 16 following which they had a confrontation with West Bengal cops. The cops claim that the workers did not had permission for Hanuman Chalisa recital. The incident took place at Dobson road area where Ishrat Jahan was also present. Sources said that BJP workers in Howrah have decided that they will conduct Hanuman Chalisa recital every Tuesday evening. The first time when they did it on June 26, cops claimed they did not have permission. But the recital on July 16, clashes broke between Police and workers. The Police claim that they blocked the road and hence they were being told to move. 

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