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Thousands Of Cattle Dead From Lumpy Skin Virus, BJP Holds Mega Protest Against Gehlot Govt

A massive showdown was witnessed in Rajasthan's Jaipur as BJP staged a protest against Ashok Gehlot's government over cattle deaths due to lumpy skin disease.


On Tuesday, a massive showdown was witnessed in Rajasthan's Jaipur as the BJP staged a protest against Ashok Gehlot's government over mass deaths of cattle due to the lumpy skin disease.

In the video, it can be seen that a huge crowd of saffron party workers gathered outside the Vidhan Sabha and clashed with the police. The workers were seen waving the party flags, forcefully breaking the barricades, and chanting anti-government slogans. Rajasthan BJP chief Satish Poonia and state youth wing president Himanshu Sharma were also present in the protest. Poonia climbed atop a police barricade during the protest but was stopped by the police.

Meanwhile, the Rajasthan police warned the protesters to move back or else force will be used on them. 

BJP MLA Sanjay Sharma who was also protesting told Republic, "Cattle have died in huge numbers and instead of finding ways to treat them, the Gehlot government is busy attacking Central leadership. A fund has been given to the Congress government but they have not released them".

One of the protesters said, "We have come to wake up the government. On the one hand, the lives of cows in Rajasthan are on the verge of ending, while on the other hand, the Gehlot government is sitting insensitively. They have not taken any steps to save the cattle. The cattle breeders are upset as they have suffered a massive loss. Our demand is that all the breeders should be compensated"

As per the central government's report, over 67,000 cattle have died since the outbreak of the lumpy skin disease in July, prompting a massive effort to vaccinate cattle in over eight states with the most cases of the disease. Rajasthan is the only state where the number of cattle death has been reported as 600-700 per day whereas it is less than 100 in a single day elsewhere. 

Earlier, on September 19, a BJP MLA from Pushkar Assembly constituency Suresh Singh Rawat brought a cow outside the Assembly premises to draw the Gehlot government's attention to the lumpy skin disease as well.

What is Lumping Skin Disease?

Lumpy skin disease is a contagious viral disease that spreads among cattle through mosquitoes, flies, lice, and wasps by direct contact, as also through contaminated food and water. It does not transmit from cattle to humans. The symptoms include high fever, reduced milk production, skin nodules, loss of appetite, increased nasal discharge, and watery eyes, among others. According to the Centre, the disease has spread in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh.

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