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BJP's Sambit Patra Slams Opposition Over 'vaccine Politics'; Highlights Centre's Efforts

BJP National Spokesperson Sambit Patra on Thursday hit out at the opposition for engaging in politics amid India's third phase of vaccination.

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BJP National Spokesperson Sambit Patra on Thursday hit out at the opposition for engaging in politics amid India's third phase of vaccination. Sambit Patra stated that the opposition is spreading lies pertaining to vaccination. Instead, he countered and revealed that the Centre has been making efforts to procure vaccines since last year. Patra specifically hit back at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Apart from this, the BJP leader also spoke about the overall situation of vaccination in the country.

'Government of India has been engaged in importing vaccines': Sambit Patra

"The illusion is spread by the opposition that the central government is not taking appropriate steps to bring vaccines from outside. The truth is that the Government of India has been fully engaged in the import of the vaccine since the middle of last year," said Sambit Patra.

The BJP leader informed that the Centre is constantly in touch with manufacturers like Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna in order to discuss the import of vaccines. Hitting out at Kejriwal Patra mentioned how procuring vaccines takes time. Patra also hailed the Centre for ensuring that Russia's Sputnik COVID-19 vaccine is brought and administered in India. He also informed that the production of the Sputnik vaccine will be increased in India with Dr Reddy's Lab with its technology.

"Arvind Kejriwal does press conferences on a daily basis. I would like to tell him that we are talking about vaccines. Its not a paracetamol that you can buy from the counter after making a payment. Things need to be discussed and talks need to be carried out for all this," he said. 

"The result of the government's talks is that Russia's Sputnik vaccine was brought to India and how its production will be increased in India with Dr Reddy Lab, now that technology will also be brought to India. This is government's big achievement," he remarked.

Further, Patra also revealed that the Government of India eased the rules in order to ensure that global vaccines reach Indian market amid the Coronavirus pandemic. He added that the bridging trials were also cut down for global vaccines so that their vials reach the Indian market. 

Sambit Patra on opposition's claim on domestic production of vaccines

Referring to Indian Pharma major Bharat Biotech Sambit Patra informed that the company was requested to share its license with three other companies in order to boost the Covaxin production. He added that Bharat Biotech currently manufactures around 1 crore vaccines per month. The BJP leader has assured that the company will start making 10 million vaccines per month by October. 

"Bharat Biotech has its own license. The central government determined that India Biotech would share its license with three more companies, so that they could also start production of the Covaxin," Patra added

Moreover, he also informed that Russian vaccine Sputnik will be produced by six other companies in India. Patra credits this development to the Centre's liberal funding to more companies under the COVID-19 security team. Again hitting out at Kejriwal on his statement pertaining to vaccination for children, Patra added that children around the world are not being vaccinated yet. 

"Arvind Kejriwal tried to spread confusion by saying that the country was not giving vaccines to children. Vaccination is a scientific method and children are not being vaccinated anywhere in the world. It is currently undergoing trial. This trial is being started in India as soon as possible." he stated 

Moreover, he also informed that the Centre had already provided more than 45 lakh vaccine doses to Delhi. Even so, the Delhi government has directly procured 8 lakh vials from vaccine companies, he added. Patra revealed that private hospitals in the national capital have personally procured over 9 lakh doses. 

The BJP spokesperson added that private hospitals have procured more vaccines than the Delhi government. He informed that so far 52 lakh people have been vaccinated in Delhi. Even so, he slammed Kejriwal and said that only 13 per cent of population has been vaccinated by the Delhi government. 


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