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Subramanian Swamy Calls For 6 Criminal Cases Against Cong After JP Nadda's 'Ten Questions'

Following BJP National President JP Nadda's '10 questions', Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has now demanded criminal action against the Congress

Following BJP National President JP Nadda's 10 questions to the Congress party, Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has now demanded criminal action against the Sonia Gandhi-led political party. The BJP leader has asserted that it is 'not enough' to raise questions, but a strong action must also be taken. Swamy has also called for the 'Rajiv Gandhi Foundation' to be nationalised in 'public interest.'

Speaking to Republic TV, Subramanian Swamy said, "Since she (Sonia Gandhi) is the party president, I hope he (JP Nadda) will forward those 10 questions to the CBI, ED and other intelligence agencies. It is not just enough to raise questions even if it raises awareness, but we need to go to action. The questions that Nadda has raised are on a borderline between national security and anti-nationalism. Therefore it needs to be taken extremely seriously and not like just the statement which makes people aware and no action follows." 

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Furthermore, he added, "The govt can immediately take over the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and they can nationalise it in Public Interest and the land does not belong to them, they have done it by forgery and by fraud. It was given when Rajiv Gandhi was the PM for building a party office so that they could shift from Akbar road. I think there should be at least 6 criminal cases against them out of the 10 questions and proceed further because all laws have been broken." 

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Nadda poses 10 questions

Earlier in the day, BJP National President JP Nadda continued to question the Congress party over the alleged 'Rajiv Gandhi Foundation scam.' The BJP President posed 10 questions for the Congress to answer and also claimed that the RGF took hefty donations from major Indian corporates, in the name of 'poor people.' Nadda asserted that one should not 'shy away' from the questions that the nation wants to know and stated that Congress chief Sonia Gandhi should not try to divert from these questions by using COVID-19 or the situation with China as a shield. 

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 Moreover, the BJP President highlighted that the Indian government and the Army are capable of protecting India's sovereignty, adding that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led administration has also fought with COVID-19 pandemic in the 'best possible manner.' Addressing the media on Saturday, JP Nadda posed several questions for the Congress party regarding their tenure at the Centre and how they 'betrayed' the trust of the people while they were in power. 

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