Chandrababu Naidu Meets DMK Chief Stalin To Carry Forward Talks On United Front. LIVE UPDATES Here

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Update at 8:20 PM: MK Stalin said about the plans to form coalition, "Federal powers of the state have already been taken off by the BJP government. We are continously giving voice against the Centre. This government is influencing all agencies including the CBI for their political benefits. Leaders from across the country should come together to oust BJP from power. I have promised complete support to Naidu."

Andhra CM Chandrababu Naidu said,  "Democracy is in danger, country is in danger, we must work together against BJP. All black money is increasing. The NPA increasing day by day, farmers are in total distress.

He placed emphasis on the Congress and Mamata Bannerjee's support in forming the alliance. "I am going to meet Mamata Bannerjee again. I will also meet Rahulji although we have differences," he said, adding, "He is leading INC which is the main opposition party and it is an anchor party, they have a pan India base,.. even Mamata is very strong in Bengal, I am strong in my state."

"We all need to unite together. All of us want to join together to save the nation.  We have good relations with DMK and along with Congress we will fight against BJP.  I had good relationship with former DMK chief Karunanidhi also and it will continue now too. I am trying to bring everyone to one platform and they'll decide how to take it forward."

On being asked who will be the face of united opposition he said, "I am not a face, I am only a facilitator."

He also said that Tamil Nadu did not benefit from the Centre, "People are prepared now (to change the "government in power), have you got any benefit from BJP government. I want to ask what they have done for Tamil Nadu. We all are strong leaders. Where is the government? It is a remote control from Delhi.

Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu on Friday at 7.00 pm met with Tamil Nadu's DMK party chief MK Stalin and Kanimozhi to discuss the formation of a Mahagatbandhan against the NDA for Lok Sabha polls in 2019. 

Ahead of the talks, Naidu and Stalin exchange a number of gifts. Naidu was presented with a bouquet and some other items, while Stalin was offered a shawl and a statue of Lord Vishnu.

Naidu held later talks with Stalin and Kanimozhi and other members of their parties. 

Naidu has been meeting with party heads in Delhi and those of major regional parties in order 'to save the democracy'. He met with former Karnataka CM Deve Gowda and Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy on Thursday.

On November 8, Naidu, Gowda and Kumaraswamy held a press conference where they said that Congress needs to take the responsibiliy