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CM Nitish Kumar Alleges, 'Wouldn't Have Split With BJP Had Sushil Modi Been In Cabinet'

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has stated that had his friend and former Deputy CM of Bihar Sushil Modi been in the cabinet, this day would not have come.


Image: Facebook-Nitish Kumar/PTI

In a massive development, Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar, who broke away from the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and joined hands with the Opposition to form a 'Mahagathbandhan' government, has stated that had his friend and former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Modi been in the cabinet, the split would not have taken place.

Nitish wanted to become Vice President: Sushil Kumar Modi; CM replies

Senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi on Wednesday alleged that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar wanted to become the Vice President and he dumped the BJP after the party failed to accommodate his ambitions.

While speaking to the reporters on Wednesday, August 10, and replying to allegations put forward by the BJP MP, Nitish Kumar replied, "Sushil and I have been friends for a long time. Why did the BJP corner him and not make him Deputy CM? Had Sushil Modi been in the cabinet, this situation would have never occurred."

Sushil Modi - BJP's man in Nitish Kumar's camp 

Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi have a long-standing, intriguing friendship that dates back many years. Sushil Modi held the position of Nitish Kumar's Deputy Chief Minister for more than 11 years in total, seven of which was in the first spell from 2005 to 2013.

According to reports, the duo was known as the "Ram-Lakshman" ki jodi for the longest time in Bihar's political circles.
Sushil Modi's constant attacks on RJD leader Lalu Prasad and his family over the course of four months on allegations of corruption played a significant role in the fall of the JDU-RJD Grand Alliance government in Bihar in 2017.

Following this, the JD(U) of Nitish Kumar dumped the Grand Aliance of his party, RJD and the Congress to join hands with the BJP-led NDA. Sushil Modi then served another 3 years and 112 days as the Deputy CM under CM Nitish Kumar. However, in December 2020, he was elected without opposition to the Rajya Sabha from Bihar.

Sushil Modi: JD(U) won't get respect from other parties like BJP gave them

As early as May 2022, when all was good between the BJP and the JDU, the BJP MP had denied the possibility of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar joining hands with RJD again. However, upon hearing the news of Nitish Kumar taking the oath as the CM of Bihar on August 10 under the Mahagathbandhan alliance, Sushil Modi said, "The respect JD(U) got from the BJP, they will not get from any other party. They think they can defeat PM Narendra Modi, today PM Modi is loved by all more than ever before, he will continue to be the PM and the BJP will come back to power in Bihar with a thumping majority."

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