Congress Leader Issues Shocking 'burn Alive' Warcry Against PM Modi

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The Congress made a call for violence against the Prime Minister on Friday taking its protest against demonetisation one step too far. Party leader and former Karnataka minister TB Jayachandra said that PM Modi should put words into action and burn himself alive for not fulfilling promises made during the demonetisation. For his reasons, he said that the Prime Minister had said he would burn himself alive if he did not bring respite to people facing adverse effects of demonetisation within 50 days of the move, and now the time had come for him to take that action. He also demanded PM Modi's resignation.

"PM Narendra Modi had said give me  50 days to provide respite to people for the sudden impacts of the move, or else burn me alive, he should resign from his position. Today the day has come for him to take action on his words," he said. The former state minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs made the comment at a protest by his party against demonetisation.

Republic TV spoke to the former the minister, asking him whether he endorses his comment in the video saying PM Narendra Modi should be burnt alive, to which he said, "No, he said that he should be burnt alive. He has volunteered to be burnt alive."

Jayachandra added, "Now it is for him (PM Modi) to remain in office or not."

In response, the Karnataka BJP issued a statement from former Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa:

"Yeddyurappa says it is a condemnable statement from a senior Congress leader. They are unable to accept Modi's popularity and he should make a public apology for his statement. Being a lawyer himself, TB Jayachandra should know what kind of legal action this kind of statement invites." 

To this demand for an apology, TB Jayachandra said that the BJP should get a statement from PM Modi.

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