Congress Leader Mani Shankar Aiyar Makes An Admission On A Pakistan News Channel About Rafale, Says ‘We Haven't Been Able To Prove’

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Mani Shankar Aiyar said 'BJP has fallen from heaven to hell' and Congress is going upwards from 'hell to sky'
  • He claimed that the farmers have been in derogatory conditions in the past 2-4 years
  • He said that Congress lost 2014 elections because people lost trust in the government

In conversation with Pakistani journalist Nadeem Malik, Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar addressed the Rafale deal and disparaged the BJP government on a Pakistan news channel by addressing the elections, incompetency of the party on various issues like farmers and unemployment.

Questioned about the recent assembly elections by Nadeem Malik, Mani Shankar responded, “ Look, the results were different in every state. There is no doubt that in Chhattisgarh that Congress won by a majority and BJP faced defeat. But the two other states, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, the battle was neck and neck. Especially in Madhya Pradesh. But we could say, BJP has fallen from heaven to hell and we are going upwards from hell to sky. We are very glad, that BJP has lost and Congress is standing on the door of victory.”

Speaking of losing in the states that BJP has been governing in for a long stretch of a period, Mani Shankar said that government failed to deliver their promises of uplifting the farmers, unemployment and polarisation of Hindus and Muslims. 

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“It's very easy to understand. These people they made huge promises but delivered nothing. And people were upset after seeing this. Empty jumlas were organised for the elections. And the promises they made, they were about to investigate that and the result was that our farmers have never been in such derogatory condition like they have been in these past two-four years. These youths are unemployed along with that they are trying to divide our society between Hindus and Muslims. They should know about it, for our country to live. They (BJP) have really destroyed it in these four years.”

Answering the Pakistani journalist’s question of BJP’s agenda to polarise Hindu-Muslims and propagate anti-Pakistan agenda, the Congress responded that the party have lost their trust in the government 

He said, “By taking up the issue of Hindu and Muslims and India and Pakistan, they didn't gain anything from that. In 2014, the reason behind our massive defeat was, that people lost trust in our government. And people thought we are corrupt.”

The Congress leader further speaking of the Rafale deal, proclaimed that the Congress party has been unable to prove the ‘Rafale deal’. He further drew criticism on the image of Prime Minister Modi 

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He said, “All the cases which have reached the court in these five years, they reflect that we weren't running a corrupt government. But we were unable to defend ourselves in the right way. Now people have started to understand the corruption. The planes which were bought by our Airforce from France, Rafale, a lot of drama has been playing around it. Even though we haven't been able to prove it. But people are aware of it, that a big industrialist has been a part of it. And the clean image of PM Modi is now tainted. If PM Modi's image has been tainted, do you think BJP would be able to maintain its position, or do you see Congress winning.”

He further confidently positioned Congress’s win in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections saying, “In 2019, I am telling you, BJP will lose. You'll see who might win. The mahagathbandhan is bringing all the parties together, the result of which will be known after the elections. And then we'll know who might be the prime minister (unclear) right now, we can't say anything. But for now, BJP has lost. And whoever will win, you'll know it in May.”