Congress Repeats Good-bad Hindus Logic, Says BJP Emboldening Lynchers


Terming lynching in the name of cows as an insult to Lord Ram, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said discrimination on the basis of religion is 'anti-Hindu'.

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Updated On:

In a controversial statement, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, on Sunday, has hit out at BJP, saying discrimination on the basis of religion is 'anti-Hindu', while addressing an event in Pune. He pointed out that winning 37% of votes has made them make statements like 'Go to Pakistan, if not with us'. He added that such chants show a narrow-minded approach. He also stated that BJP should not think that 'the whole country agrees with them' because of their mandate. 

'Religious discrimination is anti-Hindu': Tharoor

"We do not discriminate anyone based on their religion. I am saying this because in the name of our Indian culture and Hindu religion what certain people are trying to do is anti-Hindu. Some people are saying 'If you are not with us, go to Pakistan. If you wish to send your enemies, why send them to Pakistan only. Why not Canada? Through this also you wish to send a narrow-minded message. Who are you to tell us to leave the nation? It is good that you have gotten elected with 37% votes. But 63% have not voted for you. Do not think that the whole country is with you and agrees with you," said Tharoor.

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Tharoor hits out at lynchers and BJP

Pointing out the rise in lynchings since 2014, he cited the example of Mohammad Akhlakh who was killed for carrying beef. He expressed his shock at the police's response to the crime. He questioned whether winning election (in 2014) emboldened these attackers. Hitting out the majority government, he alleged that thugs were empowered under their rule.

"For the last few years, we have seen so many instances (of lynchings) like Mohammad Akhlakh -father of Air force soldier. He was killed outside his house because the meat he was carrying was allegedly beef. Instead of arresting those responsible, the police confiscated the meat to ascertain if it was beef. But who empowers such thugs? Has one election result emboldened these thugs so much?" he added.

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Lynching insult to Lord Ram: Tharoor

Terming lynching in the name of cows as an insult to Lord Ram, he said, "You can respect cows how much ever you want. But to take a man's life in its name, does Hindu religion say this? I don't think so. I am proud to call myself Hindu, but not that kind of Hindu. Tabrez Ansari was killed and was asked by his attackers to chant 'Jai Shri ram' while hitting him. As said by Dr. Karan Singh at my book launch, 'This is an insult to Hindu religion and Lord Ram to kill any person like this.'"

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Tharoor questions Balakot strike

Earlier on Friday, reverting to pre-poll tactics, Tharoor had yet again questioned the effectiveness of Indian Army's airstrike on Pakistan's Balakot. Tharoor repeated the same fake news which was reported by some international claiming the Army hit a few trees in Pakistan and that no terrorists were killed in the airstrike on February 26. He again questioned as to where the evidence of the strike was. When asked as to why he was questioning the same, when Pakistan PM Imran Khan had admitted the strike, he denied any knowledge of it.


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