Congress' Sachin Sawant Slams Bhagwat, Says RSS Fabricates Lies


Maharashtra unit of Congress on Tuesday criticized RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat over his claims that lynching was a western concept and RSS has nothing to do with it

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The Maharashtra unit of Congress on Tuesday criticized RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat over his claims that lynching was a western concept and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh had nothing do with it. Taking to Twitter, the Maharashtra Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant said, “Those involved in incidents of lynching came from the RSS ideology”. Sawant also condemned the RSS Chief for his remark that the Indian economy has not slowed down and there is nothing wrong with the economy.

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'Fabricating lies is RSS' ideology'

"It is as much a lie to say that RSS has nothing to do with lynchings as it is a lie to say that RSS is a cultural organisation, is anti-casteist, pro-reservation and respects the Constitution and tricolour," Sawant said. The Congress spokesperson alleged in the tweeted video that fabricating lies is the ideology of RSS and said that there cannot be a bigger lie than ‘no economic slowdown in the country’.  

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'The country is growing but the world economy going through a cycle'

Bhagwat in his Vijayadashami address had said, “Lynching itself is a western construct and one shouldn't use it in the Indian context to defame the country." The RSS chief brushed off the reports of economic slowdown calling it unwarranted as it creates a situation of fear among businesses and people leading to a decline in economic activities. Bhagwat also lauded the efforts taken by the government while addressing the subject of economic slowdown. 

"The country is growing. But the world economy goes through a cycle, and at times it faces some hurdles that slow down the growth. Then it is called a slowdown," Bhagwat said. 

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Bhagwat recalled an instance of an economist who told him that recession is only when growth rate drops below zero. “India has a growth rate of around 5 percent and one can show concerns towards it but there is no need to discuss it," he said. 

"Discussion over it leads to the creation of an atmosphere, which affects people's conduct. Too much discussion about so-called slowdown would make the people in business and trade believe that the economy is really slowing down and they would become more conservative in their actions. It will eventually slow the growth of our economy further," he said. 

"The government has shown sensitivity towards the issue and has taken some steps," he said.

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