Congress Stakes Claim To Form Government In Goa; 16 MLAs Reach Raj Bhavan To Submit Letter


Congress has submitted a letter to the personal secretary of the Governor at the Raj Bhavan staking claim to form the government in Goa

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Two days after Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parikkar urged BJP President Amit Shah to appoint a new CM in the state, owing to his health concerns, the Congress party has tried to use the situation to their advantage by submitting a letter to the Governor of the state, staking claim to form the government.

The present government has been facing a lot of critcism from the opposition over the non-availability of CM Parikkar, who has underwent medical treatment on multiple occasions in his tenure owing to his health issues. 

Now, sensing the chance to overthrow the present government, Goa Congress, who now have 16 MLAs in the assembly, has made the first move. The party submitted a letter to the personal secretary of the Governor at the Raj Bhavan, but with the Governor out of town, a meeting between them will be held later on.


Speaking about the latest developments which have unfolded in the state, the Congress said, "We have given a memorandum to the Governor. We have requested if the present government is not capable, we can run the government. We are single largest party with 16 members, they have only 14 people. We will prove the majority on the floor if given chance."

Sources from within the Congress party have also stated that the MLAs of other parties are in their support, and they are waiting for the Governor to give them an opportunity to form the government.

Soon after the letter was submitted, Goa BJP accused Congress of trying to 'fool the people of Goa'. Speaking to media, Goa BJP chief Vinay Tendulkar said, "How can they form govt with 14-15 people? They require another 6 MLAs which they don't have. Congress is fooling the people of Goa. All ministers are capable to handle their own department. There is no problem."

Congress, who were the single largest party with 17 seats after the 2017 elections in the state, were usurped by BJP (13 seats), who managed to form the government after getting into an alliance with the support from MGP, Goa Front party, NCP and Independents.

On Saturday, Republic TV learnt that Parrikar had spoken to BJP party president Amit Shah and urged him to choose another CM for the western state in light of his (Parrikar's) ongoing health issues.

Parrikar, who has been to the US on multiple occasions, once for a stint of 2.5 months, to seek treatment for his ailment, last returned to India on September 6, but has been once again admitted to a hospital.

These came less than two weeks since the Congress party in the state politicised Parrikar's health and sought President's rule. Congress leaders had demanded a new Chief Minister's appointment as well.

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