Controversy: Rahul Gandhi's MP Bungalow Listed As 'vacant' By Lok Sabha Secretariat Weeks After Amethi Loss

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Mystery loomed over Congress president Rahul Gandhi's current residence after the Lok Sabha Secretariat listed the official residence of the Congress president - No 12, Tughlaq lane in New Delhi - as vacant and open for other elected MPs to choose and apply for residential purposes. 

The bungalow has been Rahul Gandhi's residence since 2004, the first time he was elected as an MP from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, and continued to be so until the Lok Sabha polls in May 2019. Gandhi's bungalow falls under Type 8, which is the highest category for the residences of the MPs in New Delhi. 

The Secretariat circulated a list of 517 empty bungalows and residences that the newly elected MPs could choose and apply for their residential purposes. Following the drubbing suffered in the hands of Union Minister for Textiles and Women & Child Development in his bastion Amethi, questions have been raised over whether the loss will affect his official residence. 

Number 12, Tughlaq Lane, also served as the office of the Congress president since 2004. 

Rahul Gandhi's office, however, maintained that they had received no notice about the bungalow being up for grabs, as per sources. Gandhi won by 4,31,063 votes against his nearest rival PP Suneer of Left Democratic Front (LDF) from Wayanad constituency in Kerala in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. The speculation over his official accommodation being listed as 'vacant' comes amid enormous internal strife within the Congress which is reeling from winning just 52 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in comparison to the BJP's mammoth 303. Following the results, there has been an ongoing controversy over Rahul Gandhi's tenability at the helm of the party. He had allegedly 'resigned' but the resignation was 'unanimously' rejected the party which instead gave him powers to begin a complete overhaul and sought his guidance.  

Rahul Gandhi recently renewed attacks on Prime Minister Modi for the first time after the polls during a visit to his constituency where he claimed that Modi was using poison to spread hate and divide and vowed to continue his fight against the BJP. 

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