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CP John Slams Kerala Min For Exemplifying CPIM's Fixation On China In Tiananmen Square Row

Kerala Minister and CPI(M) leader MV Govindan had termed what happened in Tiananmen "the reflection of the attempt made by the counter-revolutionary people"

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Reacting to remarks made by Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI-M) central committee member and Kerala Minister of Local Self-Government MV Govindan on the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, Communist Marxist Party (CMP) general secretary CP John said on Thursday that Govindan is "misunderstanding his role as a minister." John added that the statements made by the CPI(M) leader in the state Assembly were "wrong".

Earlier, on October 12 Govindan had made statements justifying China's brutal repression of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests by the Chinese Army in which thousands of protestors, mostly students, were massacred. Govindan had termed what happened in Tiananmen "the reflection of the attempt made by the counter-revolutionary people."

Reacting to the statement, CMP leader CP John said that such comments are an attack on India's Assembly. 

"See Mr Govindan is misunderstanding his role as a minister. CPI-M leaders should not support a foreign country for its gruesome acts, in the Indian Assembly. In that sense officially he is doing the wrong thing by supporting a foreign country's attack by talking about it on the floor of the Assembly," CP John said.

CP John asks CPI(M) to stop thinking about the past

Further slamming Govindan for his comments, John mentioned that certain CPI(M) leaders are living in the past.

"As a Left and Communist leader, he is living in the past. Unfortunately, CPI(M) and some other left parties are really thinking about the past. I am requesting the CPI(M) leadership to rethink their positioning of the events. Are they even thinking about the future of the communist government? Can they go forward by supporting something wrong in the past? In fact, CPI(M) comrades are making a hole in their own party. Even China's Communist Party did not support the murders," the CMP leader said. 

CPIM leader's remarks on 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre

The leader, while speaking on the floor of the Assembly supported China's brutal crackdown of the protesters in Hong Kong. "When Soviet Russia was destroyed, there was a misconception that they can destroy China too and it was the reflection of the attempt made by the counter-revolutionary people which happened in Tiananmen Square," the Kerala minister said. He was responding to Congress MLA Sunny Joseph's question during a discussion on the Kerala Employment Guarantee Workers’ Welfare Fund bill in the state Assembly.

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