Dramatic Scuffle In Lok Sabha: Cong MPs Charge At BJP Neta To Defend Rahul Gandhi's Honour


Lok Sabha erupted in chaos as Opposition Congress MPs marched to the well to protest against Union Health Minister Harshvardhan's criticism of Rahul Gandhi

Written By Shubhayan Bhattacharya | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Lok Sabha on Friday erupted in chaos as Opposition Congress MPs marched to the well to protest against Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan's criticism of Rahul Gandhi over his controversial 'danda' comment. The PM had taken a swipe at the former Congress president on Thursday over his previous remark suggesting that unemployed youth will soon lathi-charge the PM over the unemployment problem.

Speaker OM Birla was forced to adjourn the proceedings of the House till 1 pm.

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Harsh Vardhan slams Rahul

Dr Harsh Vardhan condemned Rahul Gandhi over his 'danda' remark while speaking in Lok Sabha. "I want to condemn him in no uncertain words for the outlandish language that he has used against the Prime Minister of the country. In a recent speech, he used words like, '6 mahine baad is desh ka yuva Narendra Modi ko dande mar maar ke desh se bahar nikal denge'. I am surprised; Rahul Gandhi's father was PM and I don't think our (BJP) party leaders ever made such outlandish, personal remarks against him even at worst cases."

Harsh Vardhan went on to demand that the House "unquivocally" condemn these remarks of Rahul Gandhi.

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Congress MPs charge in

What followed was Congress MPs storming towards Harshvardhan's desk sloganeering. Outside Parliament, BJP MP said Jagdambika Pal alleged that Congress' Manickam Tagore charged towards Harsh Vardhan. "Union Minister Harsh Vardhan was speaking in Lok Sabha on Rahul Gandhi's statement when Congress MP Manickam Tagore charged towards him. It is an unfortunate event for democracy."

PM's blistering response

Addressing the Lok Sabha on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his reply to the debate on President's Motion of Thanks gave a befitting response to Rahul Gandhi's "Danda remark."

The Prime Minister had said: "I was hearing the remark made by one of the Congress leaders that I will be lathi-charged within few months. I have been "Gaali proof" after hearing so much abuse. Now, I will do Surya Namaskar for six months and toughen myself up to bear the blows. I am humbled that they have announced it beforehand so now I will exercise and make myself fit for it."

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'Young people of India will hit him with sticks' 

Rahul Gandhi made the contentious remark in his campaign rally for the Delhi Assembly election on Wednesday. He claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would not be able to step out of his house after some months as the young people of the country were extremely angry with him. Furthermore, he predicted that the youths would beat the PM with sticks and make him understand the importance of providing jobs. 

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