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Delhi: Protests Flare Outside CM Arvind Kejriwal's Residence Against Pension For Maulanas

Hindu saints group on Tuesday began protests outside CM Kejriwal's residence against the govt policy to hand out salaries and pensions to Maulanas.


A protest was organised outside Arvind Kejriwal's residence in Delhi against the state government's policy to grant pensions to Maulanas. Hindu saints group on Tuesday morning launched demonstrations outside the CM Kejriwal’s residence, claiming that the decision to hand out pensions to Maulanas was against the ethics of the state government. The protesting group questioned the decision to give salary and pension to one particular religion’s priests.

Speaking exclusively to Republic TV from the protest site, the Hindu saint group members claimed that the salary and pension must be paid to Hindu priests as well. Raising the demand, the protestors questioned why CM Kejriwal was discriminating between religions. “Kejriwal is giving salary and pension to the Maulanas alone. Why is salary not being provided to priests of other religions,” a protesting saint said.

“Why are Pandits not paid? Why is Kejriwal thinking only about the Mughals. Think for all in the country,” the protesting saint asked. “The general public’s tax money is being used. This is wrong. This is an anti-Hindu move. We have never seen Kejriwal do anything for Hindus,” she further added.

Hindu saints protest against Arvind Kejriwal 

Meanwhile, another protesting saint weighed in and stated that the group demands equal pay for Maulanas and Hindu priests. “We are not against anything but we want our priests to be paid too. Just like the Maulanas, we want the government to pay salaries and pensions for Hindu priests and treat them as equals. We have raised this request multiple times and today we were forced to protest on the streets,” the Hindu saint told Republic TV.

The priests group further added that the protest will continue for an undecided period unless their demands are met. They also claimed that more members were to join the protests. The group gathered outside Kejriwal’s residene at around 10 am and began the protest by sloganeering their demands. The group also raised ‘Jai Sree Ram’ slogans in protest.

It is pertinent to note that the AAP government passed a proposal for salary and pension to Maulanas after coming to power in Delhi for the second time. This was later extended in the year 2019 and in January 2019, the Delhi Waqf Board announced an increase in the salary of the Imams of the mosques. Several groups and parties including the BJP strongly opposed this decision of the Kejriwal government. 

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