Digvijaya Singh Repeats 'BJP-ISI' Remark While Facing Defamation Case


Inspite facing a defamation suit for his 'BJP-ISI link' comment, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, on Saturday has expanded on 'BJP spying for Pakistan' claim

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Updated On:

Inspite facing a defamation suit for his 'BJP-ISI link' comment, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, on Saturday has expanded on his 'BJP spying for Pakistan' claim while addressing a press briefing. He claimed that party officials of BJP and Bajrang Dal were spying for Pakistan's ISI. Elaborating on his claim, he alleged that such individuals were arrested for spying, but then released on bail during BJP's regime. He added that investigation on such 'spies' must be reopened and BJP must explain this charge.

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Digvijaya Singh repeats 'BJP-ISI' comment

"I have said this before and it pricked those people who deserve this. Some people who hold official posts in Bajrang Dal and BJP have been caught spying for ISI. They are out on bail during the BJP regime. Their bail should be cancelled and a trial for 'national betrayal'  should be done on such people. BJP gives us a nationalism message to fight against Pakistan. What kind of nationalism is this where there own people are taking money from ISI and spying on India (for Pakistan)? They must explain this," he said.

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Defamation case against Digvijaya Singh

Earlier on September 18, a complaint was filed before a Delhi court against former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh for allegedly defaming BJP and Bajrang Dal, according to PTI. The hearing on the case is up on October 9. The complaint alleged that through his statement, Singh committed a "grave offence" causing injury to the BJP, its leaders and public at large by his allegedly defamatory statements. It added that Singh did not provide any reliable source or the proof upon which his statement was based.

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Digvijaya Singh's BJP-ISI allegation

Previously on August 31, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Digvijaya Singh alleged that the BJP and Bajrang Dal were taking money from Pakistan's ISI. He also stated that BJP was not part of India's freedom struggle, unlike the Congress. Questioning where they were in 1947, Singh condemned BJP's nationalism. He also made a big allegation that most Pakistani spies in India were non-Muslim.

"Our fight with BJP and Sangh is ideological. They did not participate in India's Freedom struggle. Now, they are giving us advice about nationalism. Where were they before 1947? Where were they when Indira Gandhi destroyed Pakistan into two? The number of Pakistan spies found in India are majorly non-muslims. Muslims spies are fewer. Bajrang Dal, BJP - they are taking money from ISI," he said.

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