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DMK Neta Unleashes Crude Sexism In Tamil Nadu; 'milk Of Foreign Cows' Shocker Enrages All

Dindigul Leoni, a DMK leader campaigning for the Tamil Nadu elections, made a sexist remark saying "milk of foreign cows turning women into barrels."

(Picture Credit: PTI/Dindigul Leoni/Facebook)

In a sexist shocker that has ignited waves of criticism, a DMK leader campaigning for the Tamil Nadu elections talked about the "milk of foreign cows turning women into barrels." While campaigning in Coimbatore for the April 6 election, Dindigul Leoni, a veteran leader of the state's main opposition DMK, made crude remarks. He is a TV talk show host who frequently makes such controversial remarks.

Ahead of Tamil Nadu Elections, DMK leader unfurls sexism

He stated, "Cows come in different shapes and sizes. You may have seen foreign cows on farms. For foreign cows, people use a milking machine. The machine will be switched on, and 40 litres of milk will be taken in an hour. Women with hips shaped like eight have swollen up and converted into barrels after consuming the milk of foreign cows. As a result, babies who once sat securely around their waists are now slipping down the barrel."

Leoni was campaigning for Karthikeya Sivasenapathy, a party candidate who is affiliated with an NGO that works to protect native cattle breeds. Another DMK leader on stage with him attempted to stop Dindigul Leoni and divert the discussion to a safer subject, such as the poor distribution of rice from government rations but was unsuccessful. Leoni not only continued to make obscene remarks, but he also used hand gestures to emphasise his point.

BJP leaders, Bollywood celebs condemn Dindigul Leoni for his comment

Several opposition leaders slammed the DMK leader for his remarks and demanded an apology. BJP leader Gayathri Raguramm wrote on Twitter, "What a shame.. what milk does he drink? Does he know what happens to women’s bodies post-pregnancy or during hormonal changes? @KanimozhiDMK what do you like to say to this kind of male chauvinist? Is this the respect your party people have for women?"

Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra also condemned the act and said, "From Tamil Nadu to Uttarakhand, with many more in between & outside, moron’s connected deeply by the disease of sexism & misogyny. Does this stupidity really appeal to the masses? Anything for a cheap laugh or is it a considered choice to fuel & spread the toxic masculinity germ?"

On April 6, the Tamil Nadu Assembly election of 2021 will be held in a single phase. The votes will be counted on May 2. 

(Picture Credit: PTI/Dindigul Leoni/Facebook)

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