Dr Swamy On Mahayuti Fallout : 'BJP Is Paying Price For Obstinacy'


Lamenting the split in the Hindutva movement, BJP MP Dr. Subramanian Swamy, on Monday said it was a sad day, commenting on the Mahayuti split slams Sena-NCP

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Lamenting the split in the Hindutva movement, BJP MP Dr. Subramanian Swamy, on Monday said it was a sad day, commenting on the Mahayuti split, speaking to Republic TV. He slammed the Sena for mulling an alliance with Congress and NCP, terming them anti-nationals. He also stated that the Sena is allying with those who coined 'Hindu terror', as Shiv Sena's Union Minister Arvind Sawant too resigned from his cabinet post on Monday.

'First split in Hindutva movement' : Dr Swamy

"It's a sad day as it is the first split in the Hindutva movement.  Sena is now allying with those people responsible for 'Hindu terror'.  Therefore they are bonding with a woman who is connected to the Vatican, which is engaged in illegal conversions in our country. Sena would be joining with anti-national forces, with the Hindutva point of view," he said.

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'Someone got foolish', slams BJP's obtinacy

Slamming BJP's obstinacy, Dr. Swamy stated that it must draw parallel with the fall of King Prithviraj Chauhan. Stating BJP's rigid demand for a CM post, he reminded that Maharashtra should not be lost. Adding that someone got foolish, he added that BJP was praying a heavy price for obstinacy. 

"It should have been avoided. Some people have been foolish, I won't name who. Somebody gets foolish and steps back, causing a rift in the Hindutva movement. We should draw parallels with what happened to Prithviraj Chauhan. His arrogance and the foolishness of his father-in-law Jaichand made us lose 600 years of freedom. I was seeing if we could stoop a little to conquer but our people are equally rigid in a big perception it has to be our Chief Minister," he said.

Sena asked to form Govt, Swamy advises BJP: Support unconditionally!

He added, "It's not just one state, it's a large state. It has the richest city in the country. We are paying a heavy price for our obstinacy." Earlier on Sunday, he had echoed similar sentiments saying, that if Shiv Sena will form the government with NCP and Congress, it will be the “end” of the party. He also urged the BJP to support Shiv Sena on Monday while it stakes a claim.

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Recent Maha-politics

Blaming the Sena for fracturing the Mahayuti alliance, BJP announced that it would not form the next government in the state on Sunday, after meeting the governor. Sena, being the second-largest part was then invited to form the government - proving its ability by Monday evening- 7:30 PM. Both NCP and Congress are now in a huddle, talking with their MLAs discussing a possible alliance with the saffron party. Both party chiefs will head a core committee meeting in Delhi, while Sena MP Sanjay Raut is set to meet Sonia Gandhi in Delhi to offer alliance terms. BJP inspite of stating its inability to form the next govt, too is set to hold a core group meeting headed by Devendra Fadnavis. The major tiff between the two ideologically similar parties BJP and Shiv Sena is for the 50-50 formula and sharing the CM post for 2.5 years each. BJP has refused to both, with the BJP willing to give Shiv Sena 13 cabinet portfolios and keeping 26 portfolios for itself.

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Current Maha Assembly numbers

The saffron alliance swept Maharashtra on October 24, winning a combined tally of 161 (BJP- 105, Sena -56), but is yet to put its majority to use. Meanwhile, the 'Maha- Agadhi' alliance (NCP-Congress) bagged 98 seats in total. The halfway mark is 145.

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