Final Rafale Interview | WATCH: 'Let The Congress Look Into Their Backgrounds, It Was A Family That Spent Its Own Money To Be In Politics', Says Nirmala Sitharaman Over Rahul Gandhi's "middle-class Background Attack"

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After her fierce stance on Rafale deal at the Parliament, Raksha Mantri Nirmala Sitharaman got in a conversation with editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami to further shed light on the brimming controversy. 

Emotionally elaborating on Congress president Rahul Gandhi's 'middle-class background attack' the Union Minister lashed out at Congress saying 'Let the Congress party look into their backgrounds -- it was a family that spent its own money to be in politics'

She said, "When I stood there and said that I come from a middle-class family, I don't want someone with a khandaan backing calling me a jhooti, a chor. People in Congress have dug up my father-in-law being a Congress minister. At the time of my marriage, he had died. I had not even had a fortune of meeting him. I've always spoken with great regard for my mother-in-law, she was very encouraging when I entered politics. Let the Congress party look into their backgrounds -- it was a family that spent its own money to be in politics. They were freedom fighters that time in the CPI and had shoot-at-sight orders against them. Post Nehru asking they joined the mainstream. They live a very ordinary middle-class life. They don't have properties in Himachal Pradesh, in London, their Daamaadjis aren't fantastically well off."

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"I don't derive any benefit from saying I hail from the middle-class," she added, 

Rafale is on people's mind because despite all the facts the falsehood is going on unabated. The facts are all now available. 

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