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Flood-hit Karnataka's MLAs On 'study Tour' In Leh Confronted; Say 'Will Return As Needed'

A delegation of a 15-member committee of MLAs of Karnataka has gone on a six-day study tour to Leh even as the state witnesses floods.

Image: Republic World/PTI

Even as torrential rains lashing at Karnataka have converted streets and roads in the state into waterways, a delegation of a 15-member committee of MLAs is vacationing in Leh, in the garb of a 'study tour'. Confronted by Republic Media Network on July 2, while they were coming back to their resort 'Grand Nubra' in the Nubra Valley, Venkatreddy Mudnal, the elect from the Yadgir constituency, said 'there was no flood when they came'. 

When other MLAs on camera were being questioned by the Channel's crew, a staff person intervened saying, "They are really tired now after a long trip, they will talk tomorrow." He also accused the reporter on the ground of being 'intrusive', and added, "Give them some privacy."

'If need be, we will go back'

In an exclusive conversation thereafter, K Raghupati Bhat, MLA from Udupi said, "First of all there is no flood there. The day before yesterday there was rain in Udupi. In our Udupi district, floods are a common thing in the rainy season. We prepare days ahead of the rain starting, to handle the situation."

"When we started (for Leh), there was no rain...when we were reaching Leh, there was heavy rain, that was not flood. Yesterday and today, there was no rain in Udupi. Nevertheless, we are in touch with our team of 30 members, and they are handling the situation. No problem there in Udupi," the MLA from Udupi said. 

BM Sukumar Shetty, also an MLA from Udupi said, "If anything happens, tomorrow morning we will go back. No problem in going back."

Though the monsoon has been active over the coast for the past three days, with widespread moderate to heavy rain, with isolated very heavy rain, Thursday’s rain was torrential in nature, with visibility on the road reduced to a few metres. There was flooding in low-lying areas, including roads, as the excess rain could not find its way into the overflowing drains. Also, traffic was witnessed at all major exit and entry junctions into the city, at Nanthoor, Pumpwell and KPT, especially Kottara Chowki. 

There were reports of roads being damaged, and small landslides across the coastal districts. However, no loss of life or injury has been reported. 

Image: Republic World/PTI

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