From 21-day Lockdown To Strengthening Healthcare System, Here Is PM Modi's Full Address


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a complete nationwide lockdown from 12 AM tonight until April 14 in an attempt to curb Coronavirus' spread

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In his much-anticipated address amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a complete nationwide lockdown from 12 AM tonight until April 14. The Prime Minister in his live speech stated that Coronavirus has even made developed countries helpless and hence, there is no other solution except imposing a complete lockdown to curb the spread. PM Modi added that 'Social Distancing' is necessary to break this cycle of transmission. 

In his live speech on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "Coronavirus has made developed countries helpless. It is spreading with such ease that despite precautions and preparations, the challenge is increasing. Experts are also stating that there is only one solution to this pandemic - Social Distancing. Social distancing means being locked inside your homes. There is no other way to prevent this virus from spreading. To fight Coronavirus, we need to break this cycle of transmission. Some people are under this illusion that social distancing is only for those who have been infected. It is for every person. Negligence of some people and wrong ideas of them will put everyone in grave danger."

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Complete lockdown for 21 days

Furthermore, in his live address, the PM added, "Since the past two days, several parts of the country have been put under lockdown. These steps by the state governments should be taken extremely seriously. Keeping in mind the advice of experts and doctors in the wake of this pandemic, the nation is taking a very important decision today. From 12 am tonight, the entire country will be placed under a complete lockdown. To save India, to save every citizen of India, to save you and your family, there will be a complete restriction on moving out of your house. Every state and union territory will be locked down. This is a kind of curfew. Even steps ahead and stricter than Janta Curfew. The country will have to bear certain financial expenses due to this lockdown but it is necessary to save the life of every Indian." 

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'Extremely Critical'

Citing the 21-day period as extremely critical, the Prime Minister said, "Wherever you are in the country at this moment, I request you to stay there only. In view of the conditions at present, the lockdown will be of 21 days i.e. three weeks. When I spoke to you last time, I told you I am here to ask for a few weeks. The coming three weeks are extremely critical. If health experts are to be believed, then in order to break the transmission cycle of Coronavirus, 21 days are extremely critical. If we cannot control this in 21 days, then the entire country will go back 21 years." 

"Experts have also stated that if a person has been infected with Coronavirus, it takes several days for him/her to show symptoms. During this period, he/she might pass on the virus to several others. WHO experts say even one infected person can spread the virus to numerous people, that means, it spreads like fire," he added. 

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'Stay Home!'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke about the advanced healthcare in America which has failed to contain the spread of the virus. He said, "Italy or America, the technology there, the healthcare there, everything is great. Yet, these countries could not control the impact of Coronavirus. The question here is what is the solution? It is the experience of countries who have controlled it. The citizens of these countries have completely stayed indoors and followed the instructions of the government completely. Then only they have been able to control it. We need to believe that this is the only way to control it - Stay Home!"

"Think about those who are working amid this crisis by putting their lives on the line. Doctors, nurses, paramedic staff, ward boys, cleaners and ambulance drivers, who are fighting this virus. You also need to appreciate the people in media who are working 24 hours to give you the right information and also the police force which is working to protect you day night without worrying about their own family," PM Modi added.  

15,000 crores allotted for the healthcare system

Highlighting the Centre's efforts to boost the country's healthcare system, the Prime Minister in his live speech said, "To fight this pandemic, the Central government is continuously working to prepare the country's healthcare system. To strengthen the health infrastructure of the country, the Central Government has allocated Rs 15,000 crores. The number of testing facilities, personal protective equipment, ICU beds, ventilators and isolation beds will be increased. Along with this, the training of medical and paramedical officials will also be done. I have appealed to the state government, that the first priority of every state will completely be healthcare. Private labs and hospitals are working together with the government in this moment of crisis. I also urge you to not believe any rumour or superstition at this time. I also appeal you to avoid the use of any drug without doctor's consultation." 

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