From James Bond To Yes Minister, Here Are The Unexpected References Arun Jaitley Made In His Scathing Rafale Counter To Rahul Gandhi In Lok Sabha


Finance Minister Arun Jaitley ripped into the Congress party and its president Rahul Gandhi during the Rafale debate in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday

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Finance Minister Arun Jaitley ripped into the Congress party and its president Rahul Gandhi during the Rafale debate in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. With the opposition putting one after the another allegation on the government, the FM took it upon himself to set the facts right.

He only not only blunted each and every accusation of the opposition, but also showed them the mirror when it comes to corruption in previous deals. While the Congress party and its allies tried to disrupt his speech with their constant sloganeering, Jaitley did not yield, and came up with some really powerful comments. Here are the excerpts of his full speech in the Lower House of the parliament: 

  • We are all utterly disappointed, the country is utterly disappointed because every word he has said is something which is belied in the judgment of Supreme Court: Arun Jaitley on Rahul Gandhi's attack on the government on Rafale deal
  • On the last occasion, he manufactured a conversation with French president Macron. Today, he tried to produce a tape or document which the rules don't permit. He was too scared to authenticate it, because he knows that his party manufacture it: Arun Jaitley on the Rafale tape
  • He says the procedure is wrong, there was no negotiating committee, there was no contract or price negotiating committee, there was defence acquisition council. One man decided the transaction. He then says, and this is what I have publicly referred to as an 'Arithmetic which a kindergarten child understands' - we brought it for 500, they brought it for 1600. It only shows, and it is tragedy for the country, that the Congress party, which has been headed by great legends is today headed by a gentleman who doesn't have a basic understanding of what a combat aircraft is: Arun Jaitley on Rahul Gandhhi's pricing allegation
  • When they heard falsehood, they must also hear the truth: Arun Jaitley to Congress
  • In this country, there are some politicians and families, who understand the math behind money, but not the math behind national security: Arun Jaitley's direct attack on Congress
  • When he was a young man, was he playing in the lap of one 'Q', about whom in the Bofors case, the CEO of Bofors in his diary had written, 'Q' must be protected at all cost : Arun Jaitley on Rahul Gandhi 
  • How a public property, meant for a trust, is converted into a private property of a family, for which, the members of the family are today out on a bail: Arun Jaitley on National Herald
  • Why was the gentleman in custody today of our investigative agencies, sending emails in 2008-09, when the AgustaWestland deal was being negotiated, and referring to Mrs.Gandhi, R, Italian lady, Son of Italian Lady: Arun Jaitley on AgustaWestland
  • They do not understand national security, they only understand 'paisa' (money): Arun Jaitley on Gandhi family
  • James Bond had said, if it is once, it can happen. If it is twice, it is a co-incidence. But if it is thrice, it's a conspiracy. The conspirators of various defence deals today have the audacity to raise allegations against us: Arun Jaitley on corruption charges against Gandhis
  • In Yes Minister, there was a saying, the worst politician and government is one which is unable to take decision. The Congress government was like this. About the then PM, a magazine had wrote, 'a Prime Minister in office, not in power': Arun Jaitley

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Sensing the heavy disruption by the opposition, with a number of leaders shouting slogans, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan adjourned the Lok Sabha for a brief period. But once the lower house of the parliament resumed, Jaitley was at it again.

  • Supreme Court had said that it examined the whole process, and it is satisfied with it: Arun Jaitley on Rahul Gandhi's allegation on procedure
  • Without any hesitation, I can say, basic aircraft price is 9% cheaper than UPA. Weaponised aircraft is 20% cheaper than UPA. The escalation clause today is cheaper than the one under UPA: Arun Jaitley on Rahul Gandhi's allegation on pricing
  • Supreme Court's consciousness got satisfied, but Congress party's electoral consciousness didn't get satisfied: Arun Jaitley 
  • I am disappointed that the Congress party president doesn't know what an offset is: Arun Jaitley
  • In the house, a cost of Rs 1,30,000 crore is written. My assessment is, the Congress party's strategy, whose hands are soaked in Bofors, AgustaWestland, National Herald, if they can't find an allegation of corruption against NDA, let us manufacture one, let us invent one: Arun Jaitley
  • Reliance is an offset supplier. But Rahul feels that is the aircraft manufacturer. His knowledge has to be started with ABC: Arun Jaitley
  • Transaction is of 58,000 crore, they have written Rs 1,30,000 crore. We didn't expect the party which ruled for 60 years to be so foolish: Arun Jaitley
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