From Rafale To Demonetisation, Congress President Rahul Gandhi Attacks BJP, PM Modi During His Rally In Wardha

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Congress President Rahul attacked BJP and PM Narendra Modi on a number of issues, ranging from Rafale deal to demonetisation, during his rally in Wardha, Maharashtra
  • Rahul Gandhi, before concluding, brought up the 'demonetisation' issue before claiming that 'his party is farmers' party'

Raking up the Rafale controversy for the 'nth' number of time, Congress President Rahul Gandhi, during his rally in Wardha, Maharashtra, alleged that the BJP and PM Modi of gave the contract in the deal to Anil Ambani's Reliance, accusing the government of stealing public's money.

The Congress supremo, who is in the state to discuss his party's future plans, also brought up the demonetisation issue during his speech in Wardha.

Question to PM Modi

He started off by attacking PM Modi for not letting the country know as to why the Rafale contract was taken away from HAL and given it to Anil Ambani, who has been referred as 'Modi's friend' by Rahul Gandhi on a number of occasions.

"Modi, you wrote an article about Mahatma Gandhi. Now, you tell the Congress workers and citizens of India, why did you give the Rafale contract and Rs 30,000 crore of farmers, youth and women to Anil Ambani instead HAL? What was your motive and intention behind this move? What kind of 'chowkidaari' is this?" he asked the PM.

Direct attack on Anil Ambani

Despite a legal notice served to Congress and the repeated claims by Anil Ambani that Rahul Gandhi is misinformed about this issue, the Congress supremo continued his tirade as to why Reliance became the offset partner of Dassault.

"Anil Ambani's Reliance had never made one aircraft. HAL has been making aircraft since 70 years. They made MiG aircraft, Jaguar aircraft, Hawk aircraft, Sukhoi aircraft, Illusion aircraft. But you stole the Rafale deal from them and gave it to Anil Ambani's Reliance, along with Rs 30,000 crore. His company has debt of Rs 45,000 crore which he took from PSU's. Further, just 10 days before the contract, Anil Ambani's company was made," he added.

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Gandhi refers to ex-Defence minister

Not stopping there, Rahul Gandhi then went onto claim that former Defence minister and present CM of Goa, Manohar Parrikar was himself in dark regarding Reliance getting the Rafale contract. He stated,

"Modi went to France, and in his delegation, Anil Ambani also went. Then Defence minister Parrikar (Manohar Parrikar) says he doesn't know anything. He says he doesn't know why and how the contract was taken away from HAL. He said he doesn't know why the Rs 526 crore aircraft was brought for Rs 1600 crore by Narendra Modi. These aren't my words, but his."

Quotes ex-France president

In September, ex-France president Francois Hollande, in his statement to a French magazine, said that 'his government had no say in Reliance being selected as the interlocuter'. And using his words as reference, the Congress president attacked PM Modi.

"Ex-France president said his government did not give the contract to Anil Ambani. It was the Indian govt and Modi who gave informed France govt about giving the contract to Anil Ambani. This was said by France president," Rahul Gandhi added.

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Attack on demonetisation

Finally, Rahul Gandhi, before concluding, brought up the 'demonetisation' issue before claiming that 'his party is farmers' party'.

"Now you tell, Narendra Modi gives one after the another speech, writes article. Sometimes about Sardar Patel, China, Pakistan and Mahatma Gandhi. But the four questions which I asked him in Lok Sabha regarding Rafale, he hasn't answered. In the last 4 years, Rs 30,000 crore was ridden off by PM for his businessman friends. Modi ji forced you all to stand in lines, did you see any one in suits. You all were in lines and all Modi ji's friends converted their money from back door. Modi ji is not 'chowkidar' he is 'bhagidar'. Congress is your party. We are not here to do 'man ki baat' we are here to 'ask man ki baat'," the Congress supremo said.

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