'Hafiz Saeed A Product Of Deoband': Giriraj Singh Goes On Shocking Communal Rant


Making a communal remark on Wednesday, Union Minister Giriraj Singh said that Uttar Pradesh's Deoband is "Gangotri of terror".

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Updated On:

Making a communal remark on Wednesday, Union Minister Giriraj Singh said that Uttar Pradesh's Deoband is "Gangotri of terror". Addressing the press in Deoband, the leader said that terrorists like "Hafiz Saeed are the product of Deoband." He repeated his remark that those opposing the amended citizenship law in Shaheen Bagh and elsewhere are leading a "Khilafat movement." Earlier in December, BJP MP Sanjeev Balyan had also hinted a role of Darul Uloom Deoband of Saharanpur in the violence that occurred during the anti-CAA protests in the state

Singh said: "I once said that Deoband is a Gangotri of terrorism. All the terrorists - Hafiz Saaed etc, they are the product of Deoband. They are not anti CAA, they are anti-India. It's a Khilafat Movement. Had it not been anti-India, then Sharjeel Imam would not have said to break India and Assam and urge India to become an Islamic Nation. Slogans glorifying Afzal Guru and Yakub Memon would not be raised. Hatred is being injected into women, children. Wherever in India, their population exists, they are doing Khilafat Movement."

Giriraj repeats Population control remark

Commenting on the population of Muslims, Singh making a communal remark said: "Their population has reached 20 crores. Resources available are only 2%. That's why the strictest population control law should be implemented. Those who refuse to accept it, be it from any religion, their voting rights should be taken away."

During the Lok Sabha polls, Singh had made similar comments. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev had also called to revoke government benefits to those people who bear more than two children, and that such people should not be eligible to even vote.

Sanjeev Balyan's sensational claim: 'Why were madrassa kids brought for protest?"

Singh's communal remark

Earlier on February 6, Singh in a communal statement alleged that Shaheen Bagh is conspiring against the nation and "suicide bombers" are being trained there. However, he deleted the tweet later, but maintained: "This is a Khilafat movement going on, Sharjeel Imam is saying that let's break the country, PFI pamphlets are saying so. A child dies, and his mother says he is a martyr, what is this if not suicide bombing?"

Giriraj Singh fires irresponsible 'suicide bomber' barb on Shaheen Bagh; deletes & defends

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