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'Had To Write His Name': Amruta Fadnavis Rebuts Nawab Malik Linking Her To Drug Accused

Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik had shared a four-year-old picture of Amruta Fadnavis with one Jaideep Rana who has been arrested in a drug trafficking case

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Speaking exclusively with Republic Media Network's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, social activist, singer, and banker Amruta Fadnavis on Monday said that she was being targeted by Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik in order to get to her husband and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis. Earlier in the day, Nawab Malik shared a 4-year-old picture of Amruta Fadnavis with one Jaideep Rana who has recently been arrested in a drug trafficking case and alleged that Devendra Fadnavis was linked with the 'drug mafia'. 

'Had to write Jaideep Rana's name down to remember'

Amruta Fadnavis, breaking her silence on the allegations of Nawab Malik against her husband and her, underlined that it all dates back to 2017, when she was in association with a few NGOs working for river cleanliness projects in Mumbai and for the same had decided to come up with an awareness song. "We came in contact with Isha Foundation. Sachin Gupta and his assistant Jaideep Rana worked with them. We liked his (Sachin Gupta's) work and therefore, roped him in for the song." 

"Today, I had to write his name down," said Amruta Fadnavis, explaining that there was no reason why she would remember him in the present. "He was not even a director, he was just a crew member," she added. 

Amruta Fadnavis then went on to explain the allegations made by Nawab Malik against her husband and her. "It is very simple, he cannot point out anything on Devendra Fadnavis so he targets his relatives, his wife and even there does not get anything, so drags this one still which was taken 4 years back with this man who is already in jail. Devendra Fadnvais' wife said that she is going to deal with the entire issue one-on-one with Nawab Malik."

Meanwhile, her husband Devendra Fadnavis had earlier in the day had said that Nawab Malik had set off a (Lavang) firecracker in the form of the drug allegation on Diwali, and after Diwali, he will set off a bomb in the form of proof of his links with the underworld. "Those who have links to the underworld, they should not talk about drugs," he said. 

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