Hardik Patel Rushed To Hospital After His Health Deteriorates On The 14th Day Of His Indefinite Fast

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Hardik Patel has been rushed to hospital after his health had worsened on the 14th day of his indefinite fast
  • Earlier on Friday, Hardik distanced himself from Congress and all the other political parties coming out in his support

Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti leader Hardik Patel has been taken to Hospital after his health had deteriorated on Friday, the 14th day of his indefinite fast. He has been on fast since August 25, demanding the Gujarat government to provide reservation to Patidar committee under OBC quota, as well as asking them to waive of the loans of farmers in the state.

In the visuals coming through, Hardik could be seen taken into an ambulance on a wheel-chair, after which he was rushed to a hospital. The doctors have stated that his health has worsened following his reluctance to end his fast.

Hardik's doctor, Abhay Jhala gave an update on his recent health situation. He said, "We will take a call about it tomorrow on whether we have to shift him to another place. All of them cooperating. IV is going on right now."

Earlier on Friday, Hardik distanced himself from Congress and all the other political parties coming out in his support. On Thursday, the Congress state President Amit Chavda and Paresh Dhanani rushed to his support, ordering Vijay Rupani-led BJP government to conduct talks with Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti within 24 hours. Dhanani had gone to meet Hardik, and then he lead the delegation of Congress MLAs to meet governor OP Kohli, and gave an eight page memorandum, which had no mention of Patidar community or Hardik.

Though, the organization's leader wasn't isn't pleased by their intervention, and has pulled himself away from the all the politics being played over his fast.

Expressing his displeasure, Hardik posted a message on Twitter, which read, "I have not asked anyone to be a mediator for me. This is an agitation, protest and anyone can talk about the main issues of the protest. I respect all groups, and leaders of this society. I am a protestor and I am only concerned about the issues I have raised. Since the past three years , a lot of leaders have played the role of a mediator. 

In the days prior to him being taken to hospital, many party leaders from various parties met Hardik, and promised to stand by him in the battle against the Gujarat government. Senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot had tweeted asking Hardik to stop his fast, while attacking the Gujarat government.

His message read, "Hardik patel is on hunger strike since 25th August, We are Worried about his deteriorating health. #Gujarat CM must intervene without any further delay n end his indefinite fast."

Another message followed, which read,"I urge Hardik Patel to end his fast. He should continue his struggle but he should withdraw his hunger strike because it doesn’t matter for BJP, they don’t even care. They are fascist people; they have no faith in democracy."