Here Are Arun Jaitley's Most Quotable Quotes And Arguments Attacking Rahul Gandhi And The Congress

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  • Union Minister Arun Jaitley posted a blog on his Facebook page attacking Rahul Gandhi and Congress party
  • Jaitley mocked Rahul Gandhi's lack of knowledge and targeted Congress' dynasty politics

Here are the most quotable quotes and arguments from Arun Jaitley's blog post titled "Is Congress Becoming Ideologyless? Is Anti-Modism its only ideology?":

The great-grandson of the man who authored “The Discovery of India” could with his customary inaccuracies one day give to this country his monumental work on “The Rediscovery of Coca Cola”

             On Rahul Gandhi saying that the person who invented Coca-Cola was a Shikanji(lemonade)-wallah.

 I repeat that it was the UPA which during 2008-2014 indiscriminately lent money through banks to these fifteen big defaulters.

            On Rahul Gandhi's repeated attack that the government has waived loans for only 'its friends'.

For a President of a national party not to understand this basic procedure of bank functioning should be a matter of concern to the entire party as also the country.

In dynastic parties political positions are heritable. Unfortunately wisdom is not heritable. It has to be acquired through learning. 

Interacting with his interviewer in Singapore a few weeks ago, Rahul Gandhi left his audience stunned by suggesting if MRI machines in India were connected, this would lead to a Medical Revolution. How? Except breaching a patient’s privacy by sharing his details with other hospitals what would this achieve? 

Rahul Gandhi told an audience in Karnataka that his party believes that there should be only one GST rate as in Singapore. Singapore charges 7% GST on all food items, cheap clothing and footwear, medical and education spend as on luxury items – BMW cars, alcohol and five-star hotels. India has exempted most food items. Should we have the same rate for food items, Hawai chappals and BMW cars? Singapore, unlike India, has no BPL or lower income groups.

Ignorance with anti-Modism is a common thread

             In the Opposition's ideology

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Dynastic political parties are family and personality dominated. Ideology takes a back seat. You can oppose the OBC when it suits you. You can shed crocodile tears for them when the opportunism so requires. You can run down jobs created by frying pakodas. You can quantify on the virtues of running a dhaba. The leader’s ill-informed instincts become the ideology.

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